Cruising the Danube on AmaWaterways


We invite you to take one of our Danube river cruises and see the world in luxury and comfort. River cruises in Europe are an excellent way to explore a destination. Discover local tourist  sights on included tours, and then arrive back on your luxurious river cruise ship and sail to the next city or village.  Included in the price of our river cruises are shore excursions in every port, all dining on board, fine wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner are included as well as a daily happy hour; Wi-fi and internet access are included and there are bicycles that you can use to explore the countryside  or you may decide to join one of the guided bike tours.

In Europe, one of our most popular itineraries is a Danube river cruise.  A typical itinerary for a Danube river  cruise would include destinations such as: Vienna, Austria;  Regensburg, Germany;  Belgrade, Serbia and  Budapest, Hungary.

Cruise the Danube, one of Europe’s most beautiful  rivers, as you travel from Nuremberg through the Main-Danube Canal and across the Continental Divide. Visit centuries-old towns and marvel at the beautiful scenery slowly gliding past. In  Austria you will  cruise through the lush Wachau wine region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  At either end of the Wachau Valley are two grand capitals, Vienna and Budapest.

On our cruises, you will enjoy an extensive lineup of included tours. In most ports, you will have a choice of excursions, such as standard tours, bike tours, hikes and special interest tours. We always include a large variety of activities so that you can choose how you want to explore. No matter your preference, your days will be full of discovery and wonder.   888-869-7907

October is National Cruise Month

October is back! And it’s raining offers at AMA Waterways. To coincide with the National Cruise Month October, AMA Waterways has come up with some exciting offers. So celebrate your vacation with AMA waterways by taking advantage of the latest offers.

AMA Waterways offers $500 off per person on many 2013 Europe River Cruises. We have cruises on Rhine, Danube, Rhone, Mosel, Seine and Douro. You can avail our River Cruise sale on following cruises:

  • Tulip Time Cruise
  • Blue Danube Discovery
  • Christmas Time Cruise
  • Enticing Douro
  • Port Wine and Flamenco
  • Europe’s Rivers and Castles
  • Magnificent Christmas Time
  • Magnificent Europe
  • Provence and Spain
  • The Enchanting Rhine
  • The Legendary Danube
  • The Romantic Danube
  • Ultimate River Cruise
  • Vineyards of the Rhine and Mosel

Our River Cruise Specials are:

  1. Rhine River Cruise-The itinerary for Rhine River Cruise is mentioned under the name The Enchanting Rhine. The name of the ship is AmaCello and it is scheduled to sail on 11/15/2013 and 11/22/2013. The sale price per person is $ 1,899.00.


  1. Danube River Cruise- The itinerary for Danube River Cruise is mentioned under the name Blue Danube Discovery, The Legendary Danube and The Romantic Danube.


Blue Danube Discovery

Name of the ship- AmaDolce

The ship is scheduled to depart on following dates. Rates are also mentioned along with the dates

-On 7/18/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00 per person
-On 8/22/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00 per person
-On 10/24/2013 rates starting at $ 2,099.00 per person
-On 8/22/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00 per person
-On 10/24/2013 rates starting at $ 2,099.00 per person

Name of the ship-AmaLyra

The time of departure and rates are mentioned below

-On 8/6/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00
-On 8/20/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00

Name of the ship-AmPrima

-On 11/20/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

Name of the ship- AmaBella

-On 11/23/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

The Legendary Danube

Name of the ship-AmaLyra

-On 8/27/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00

Name of the ship-AmaCerto

-On 11/4/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

The Romantic Danube

Name of the ship-AmaDolce

-On 3/28/2013 rates starting at $ 1,699.00
-On 4/4 2013 rates starting at $ 1, 799.00
-On 4/11/2013 rates starting at $ 1,999.00
-On 4/25/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00
-On 7/4/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00

Name of the ship-AmaBella

On 4/20/2013 rates starting at $ 2,199.0
-On 11/9/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00
-On 11/16/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

Name of the ship-AmPrima

-On 10/30/2013 rates starting at $ 2,099.00
-On 11/13/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

Name of the ship-AmaCerto

-On 11/11/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00
-On 11/18/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00
-On 12/23/2013 rates starting at $ 1,999.00

The sooner you book your vacation with AMA Waterways, the best offers you can avail!