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http://www.europeanbarging.com – (888) 869-7907 ~ River cruises on Arosa ships are wonderful adventures, and feature a wellness spa staffed by highly skilled personnel in the state of the art SPA-AROSA.

How about a pampering holiday far away from your stressful everyday cares, accompanied by wonderful views of breathtaking landscapes?

Spa on Arosa

On board the A-ROSA ships, we not only offer our guests the unique combination of health and beauty, nature and city breaks, but also a very special kind of luxury: time for themselves! We place a lot of emphasis on relaxation. The best way to do this is to enjoy the spacious on-board SPA area, whether in the sauna or during a soothing massage or beauty treatment. Our trained staff are already looking forward to welcoming your guests.

The Spa Arosa includes: First-class spa products, Generous SPA-area, Professional trainers, Beauty and cosmetic treatments, Panorama sauna as well as bio-sanarium, Whirlpool on the deck.  There is also a fitness room, sauna, whirlpool or swimming pool on the ships.

Wellness Cruises on the Danube are also offered. Arosa offers 3 – 14 night cruises on the Danube, Douro (starting in 2019), Rhine, Rhone, and Seine rivers of Europe.  Rates include the cruise, all meals, beverage package and included Wi-Fi.

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German River Town Vilsfofen

German river townThe Delightful Town of Vilsfofen on the Danube River

The beautiful town of Vilsfofen is located in the German district of Passau. It is a small town which picturesquely stands at the confluence of rivers, Vils, Wolfach and the Danube. In Vilsfofen, river Vils and Wolfach flow into the Danube, giving it the names “The Three River City” and “German River Town”. When viewed from the opposing river bank, the town gives the impression of an island floating on the river.

There are several attractions in the small town of Vilsfofen. In fact, this German river town is an interesting combination of history and modernism. One can see the historical structures such as the historic town square with its landmark, the town tower, as well as the church of Saint John, as witnesses of bygone era. The small, carefully renovated lanes that link the old town center with the Danube and the various monuments, such as the Mary Help of Christian’s church also remind one of the times long passed.

Enjoy the Modern Side of The German River Town Vilsfofen

On the other hand, the town of Vilsfofen is very much modern, open minded and cultured.  Various events are organized in Vilsfofen throughout the year which makes the town quite famous. The most famed and celebrated events organized in this town are “The Danube in Flames”, the “floating” Christmas market, the traditional “Volksfest”, and cultural events such as the “Days of the Cabaret” organized in the autumn.

The German river town Has Great Attractions For All Visitors

There are some landmark places in the town of Vilsfofen which give it a very modern flavor. The African Museum in the Benedictine Abbey Schweiklberg, the art gallery situated in the town tower with its changing exhibitions, the newly created town hall gallery, and the works of art in the different sculpture parks are enough to prove that Vilsfofen is a modern city.

Several cruise lines either start or end their Danube River cruises in Vilsfofen. So if you have decided to book your holiday on a Danube River cruise, you will get an exciting opportunity to visit this delightful town of Vilsfofen!

Austrian Town of Gmunden

Picture Perfect Town of GmundenThe Picture Perfect Town of Gmunden

The picturesque town of Gmunden is situated in the Salzkammergut region, the Austrian Lake District. It’s a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, located on the shores of Lake Traunsee and surrounded by mountains. Gmunden – the town of ceramics – is full of life and exudes southern charm.

Gmunden is not a big town. But it can’t be labeled as a passive and sleepy small village either. The town has so much to catch your attention. It is romantic, energetic, active and lively. It takes pride in its culture and offers a pleasant atmosphere. It captivates you with its charm and offers several interesting contrasts within it. It is a place which surprises you with a wonderful balance of excitement and calmness, noise and quietness. The town is a perfect place to move about – to shop or simply enjoy.

Gmunden was a significant settlement as early as Celtic times and grew in the 11th century to become an important center of the salt trade. Due to its pleasant climate and the beauty of the Salzkammergut landscape, the aristocracy and wealthy citizens spent their summers in the town at Lake Traunsee as early as the 19th century.

Emperor Franz Josef, for example, used to visit the Royal House of Hanover in Gmunden, where the nobility from all over Europe stayed, before he headed to his summer residence in Bad Ischl.

Gmunden offers a unique charm with its splendid town houses and facades dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Gmunden’s renaissance town hall has the only ceramic chimes in Austria and is quite famous as a popular tourist destination.

In Gmunden, you can find a great number of excursions and points of interest. The most important among them are the Traun Fall, 10 miles north of the town, a castle called Schloss Ort, and a ceramic factory producing Gmundner Keramic branded pottery. The “Schloss Ort” castle is situated on a small island and is the most authentic emblem of the town. It was purchased by Archduke Johann Salvator Toscana, who was related to the House of Habsburg-Lothringen. Today, the “Schloss Ort” has become even more famous, because of the TV series “Schlosshotel Orth”.

Austrian Town of Gmunden and Danube River Cruise

On a Danube River cruise, with a stop in Linz, you might have an excursion to the scenic town of Gmunden. Call us for more details! Europeanbarging 888-869-7907