Enjoy Professional Spa Treatments on Arosa River Cruise Ships

http://www.europeanbarging.com – (888) 869-7907 ~ River cruises on Arosa ships are wonderful adventures, and feature a wellness spa staffed by highly skilled personnel in the state of the art SPA-AROSA.

How about a pampering holiday far away from your stressful everyday cares, accompanied by wonderful views of breathtaking landscapes?

Spa on Arosa

On board the A-ROSA ships, we not only offer our guests the unique combination of health and beauty, nature and city breaks, but also a very special kind of luxury: time for themselves! We place a lot of emphasis on relaxation. The best way to do this is to enjoy the spacious on-board SPA area, whether in the sauna or during a soothing massage or beauty treatment. Our trained staff are already looking forward to welcoming your guests.

The Spa Arosa includes: First-class spa products, Generous SPA-area, Professional trainers, Beauty and cosmetic treatments, Panorama sauna as well as bio-sanarium, Whirlpool on the deck.  There is also a fitness room, sauna, whirlpool or swimming pool on the ships.

Wellness Cruises on the Danube are also offered. Arosa offers 3 – 14 night cruises on the Danube, Douro (starting in 2019), Rhine, Rhone, and Seine rivers of Europe.  Rates include the cruise, all meals, beverage package and included Wi-Fi.

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Visit One of the Most Beautiful Hidden Gems in the World – Bamberg

Germany is known for its numerous tourist spots and beautiful medieval towns. Some of the commonly visited places are Nuremberg, Heidelberg, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Since these three are heavily promoted and recommended by travel books and other resources, people miss the opportunity on finding this incredible, hidden gem, called Bamburg Germany.

Bamberg is pure eye candy. It is known for its many Catholic churches, authentic medieval setting preserved by very minimal damages from World War II, home to a wide variety of locally brewed beers, the imperial couple’s tomb, and the only place where a pope is buried north of the alps. This article will feature reasons why Bamberg has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to many travel bloggers and enthusiasts, strolling around Bamberg is best done during the day. The peaceful silence and vibe can be most enjoyed during the morning, around 8 to 9am. The picturesque sights and architecture of the town will allow you to enjoy lengthy and relaxing walks throughout the town.

Bamberg Church (locally known as Bamberger Dom) is one of the most artistically crafted churches ever. It is one of the world’s few imperial cathedrals, where the tomb of imperial couple King Henry II and Cunigunde of Luxembourg reside. They are known for their godly acts as they received sainthood. Another grave located in the church is Pope Clemence II. Formerly named bishop Suidger of Bamberg, he was elected as pope in 1046. The cathedral encountered a few mishaps, having been destroyed by fire twice on two occasions. Damaged areas were repaired in 1237 and the building is still standing tall today.

The Old Court, just nearby the Bamberg Church, was originally a fort. Alte Hofhaltung, as it was locally known, was later converted to a home for bishops, then eventually became Bamberg’s largest museum.

The Altes Rathaus or the Old Town Hall, is easily the most attractive building in Bamberg. One side of the wall is painted with gorgeous artwork. Its location where it was built is also interesting, as it rests in the middle of the Regnitz River, connected by bridges on each side – truly an interesting piece of architecture.

The Klein Venedig is a small area where people could eat and socialize. Its name translates to “Little Venice”. The best part of his place is it provides a lovely view of the town as you sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. Last but definitely not the least, Bamberg is famed for its uniquely brewed smoked beer. This can be found in The Schlenkerla, one of the town’s famous breweries.

Bamberg can be easily visited by taking a German river cruise through the Main-Danube Canal. For the best experience, the AmaWaterways line is recommended. Their Europe’s Rivers and Castles cruises between Nuremberg and Luxembourg on the AmaDante ship. It offers trips for as low as $2,999 and guarantees a luxurious experience while cruising 3 rivers of Germany.

For more information or to book a cabin, please contact: jan@europeanbarging.com or 888-869-7907.  Barge and River Cruise Specialist.

Europeanbarging Offers Discount River Cruises

Europeanbarging, in cooperation with AmaWaterways, recently announced its newest promo that gives travelers the chance to save $1000 when ordering one of the company’s 2018 or 2019 Holiday River Cruise Specials. Moreover up to $50 ship board credit is also given per person, the company stated.
To receive the discount
and other perks, customers must book on or before August 30, 2018. For convenience, the company also has several cruise payment plans for customers to choose from, as well as specially priced airfare.

About the Company
Europeanbarging is a company that specializes in European barge and river cruise products. Some of these include luxury river cruises, small ship cruises, and even casual bike cruises.

2018 and 2019 Holiday River Cruise Options
Europeanbarging has given several selections for its Affordable River Cruises in order to satisfy every traveler’s cruise demands. Each cruise has different itinerary, departure dates, as well as rates.

One river cruise option for travelers is the Iconic Christmas Market Cruise. The journey follows the beautiful Danube River, spending seven nights onboard from Budapest to Nuremberg, in addition to a total of three nights land tour in Prague and two nights in Budapest. Some of the most noteworthy stops in this tour are the St. Stephen’s Basilica, Mirbach Palace, and St. Stephan’s Cathedral, where the largest cathedral organ is located.

Another cruise choice is the Rhine River Cruise which spends seven nights in a trip from Amsterdam to Basel, as well as a tour of Switzerland for four nights. The tour begins in the scenic canal of Amsterdam where the house of Anne Frank is located. It then proceeds to several towns of Germany, France, and Switzerland. Some of the iconic sites to see in this cruise are the Cathedral Square in Germany, the Swiss Lion Monument, and the “La Petite France” neighborhood.

And for those who want to celebrate the Holiday season traveling, Europeanbarging also announced its Christmas on the Rhine Tour. The different departure dates for this cruise are set from November 26 to December 24, 2018. The journey includes seven nights cruising between Amsterdam and Basel, then an additional four nights of land tour in Switzerland. Aside from the different sceneries to be seen in the journey, the cruise also highlights its stops in different Christmas markets. Some of these include the Christmas market in Rudesheim, which boasts a collection of over 120 stalls from 12 countries, and the largest Christmas market in Europe, which is located in Zurich.
2018 Cruise Fare

Europeanbarging has released a list for its upcoming 2019 cruises. The rates depend on the type of cruise selected, the choice of room, and departure dates. Generally, the company stated that standard fares for cruise can go as low as $2499 for March departures.

For more information, visit their website at www.europeanbarging.com or to book a cruise contact: Jan@europeanbarging.com or call 888-869-7907

The Northern Dutch City of Hoorn

Europeanbarging presents Arosa Cruises to Hoorn on the Arosa Flora and Silva

Hoorn is a town in North Holland and was once the capital of West Friesland. It features many beautiful houses from the Golden Age, when the Dutch East India and the West India Companies had offices here. Cape Horn, is the the most southerly point of the Americas and was discovered by Willem Schouten  The cape was named after his home town.  Another famous explorer from Hoorn was Jan Coen, who founded Jakarta in Indonesia.

Dutch City of Hoorn

Enjoy a stroll along the Hoorn Harbor and see the diversity of ships in the harbor. There are some very old sailing vessels that are still sailed today.  As you walk into town there is a fortified gate from 1532 that was originally a defense tower. It was named Hoofdtoren, In front of Hoofdtoren stands a wooden landing made in 1464 named the Houten Hoofd.  In 1651 a bell tower was constructed on top of the tower. The lock to the main harbor dates back to 1778. There are several canals leading from the main town and many shops and bars at the harbor.  Walking along the cobbled and brick streets and along the canals you will find lots of interesting architecture and shops.  While we were in Hoorn there was a world soccer game going on and I think the whole town was in a bar at the harbor so we had the whole town to explore mostly on our own.  Everyone started coming out of the bar as we headed back to our ship and they were in good spirits leading us to think their team won.

Sites of interest include Staten Parliament, built in 1632 and located in the town square – Rode Steen.  It is now the Westfries Museum.  The museum has an extensive collection of paintings, silver objects, porcelain, historic firearms etc. The exhibition of this vast collection covers 25 rooms, one of which is a style-room. In 1953, 15th century cellars were discovered under the building. These cellars are now part of the exhibition for archaeological objects from Hoorn and its surroundings.

St. Jans Gasthuis museum holds temporary exhibits.  Near this museum is  the Bossehuizen  which is a collection of 3 houses built in 1612 and featuring friezes depicting the defeat of the Spanish Admiral Bossu in 1573.

Arosa offers 2 Northern Rhine itineraries that stop in Hoorn. The 7 night Experience the Northern Rhine cruising Holland and Belgium, and  the 9 night Experience the Rhine and the Sea, which cruises northern Holland as well and Holland and Belgium.  April departures on these North Rhine River cruise itineraries include Amsterdam and the Keukenhof Gardens. Rates from $1484 for 7 night.  Rates include all meals, beverage package, Wi-Fi and use of the ship’s fitness and spa facilities.

Taking in this fabulous city of historical and architectural wonders will be a great delight. Book your trip with us today!  Europeanbarging.com  888-869-7907


Choosing the Right European River Cruise

If you’re up for a romantic getaway or perhaps a unique and wonderful vacation, you might want to consider a European river cruise. A river cruise may be exactly what you need to relax far from your busy and stressful life, away from your job and the hustle of a fast-paced city life. There is nothing more peaceful than floating down a scenic river on a lovely cruise ship.

River Ship on the Elbe River in Dresden Germany

River Ship on the Elbe River in Dresden Germany

A river cruise allows you to see more and do more than touring from a bus, a train or a car. You can see breathtaking landscapes more comfortably, whether you are in your cabin, on the open decks, the lounge or even while dining. Plus, you don’t have to worry about transportation from point to point, packing or unpacking your bags to every place you visit. You get to see a lot of places conveniently and comfortably.

You can be as active as you like on a river cruise as there is a wide range of activities on board and ashore to keep you interested and occupied.
So if you decide to treat yourself to one of the European River Cruises, of course, you will need to consider a lot of things. If you want to end your vacation with pleasant memories and go home satisfied, you have to choose the right travel date, the right ship, and the right itinerary.

Most European river cruising companies provide a high quality experience for the traveler. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best European river cruise line:

Itinerary. The first thing you should consider would be the itinerary. Which companies offer the itinerary that suits you the best? Which itinerary are you interested the most? One of the most popular European river cruise itinerary is the Danube River Cruise.

Features and Inclusions. Does the company provide entertainment for the guests, like TVs, movies, or music? Does it have a free internet access on board? Does it offer free drinks? Is the food good? Are the cabins conducive for rest and relaxation? Does it have pampering services like a spa or a massage? These are some of the things you would want to consider if you want a relaxing and hassle-free river cruise experience.

Cost. River cruise lines vary in cost, though there are differences in quality of product and services. You should check the fine print and hidden charges. And also check for surcharges on some services and amenities offered. Some companies also offer discounts if you book in advance.

Most European river cruise companies have already built their reputation in offering high quality and wonderful river cruise experiences. AmaWaterways River Cruises is known for its high quality services and extras. You can enjoy riding a bicycle and multiple choice excursions in each port, free of charge. And not only that, their crew and staffs are friendly, outstanding, efficient, and welcoming to ensure you a great experience on board.

Europeanbarging, with over 20 years experience specializing in European river cruises and luxury barging, can assist in finding the perfect cruise vessel and itinerary. Europeanbarging.com; 888-869-7907