Why You Should Go on a Short River Cruise

A Short River Cruise in Europe is a great way to check out river cruising without costing a lot of money. A 4 day Rhine River Cruise or a short Danube Cruise are great first cruise itineraries to experience.

Arosa Silva

Arosa Silva

Traveling throughout Europe is fun and exciting — it is one of those adventures that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Europe gives travelers that beautiful balance of both ancient and modern times.

If you like to have a more intimate and cozy travel experience around this timeless and beautiful continent, then you should go for a short river cruise. It will surely be an unforgettable journey as you traverse astounding waterways such as the Danube, the Main, and the Rhine and see historic cities and beautiful villages by the shore.

Here are some of the advantages of traveling on a short river cruise.
1. They’re brief.
Short river cruises in Europe usually last 3 to 7 days, depending on the cruise you choose. You will be able to enjoy the scenery and bask in European culture without having to stay too long on the ship. It is the perfect vacation for families with small children, an add-on to an existing trip, or for those who simply want a quick getaway. You will be able to experience so much in a short time.
You don’t have to spend more than a month in Europe to enjoy its luxurious culture and beautiful landscapes. For instance, you can visit Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria in a three-night Danube river Cruise or view the castles along Germany’s Rhine River on a four to six day river cruise.
2. They are more personal.
Compared to ocean cruises, a short river cruise lets travelers enjoy smaller vessels, which is a more intimate setting — the best retreat for those on a romantic vacation. In most big cruise vacations, you will find yourself amidst at least 2000 travelers.
3. You don’t have to unpack multiple times.
If you want to travel around multiple locations in Europe and you are going by land, you will find that you will have to unpack and pack again multiple times. The river cruises will bring you to as many locations as you want and you have to unpack only once — it is such a convenience.
On the other hand, if you don’t mind exploring while on water but you want to sleep and rest on land, you can still enjoy a short river cruise.
4. They offer guided visits on various tourist spots.
Don’t think that you will stay on the cruise while you are traveling — there will be stops, shore excursions, and guided tours when you reach particular tourist attractions. Cruises also allow travelers to explore the towns by themselves. And since you are in fascinating Europe, some interesting stops that will highlight your trip may include outdoor museums, churches, castles, cheese factories, vineyards and even tulip gardens. Of course, you still have the option to stay on the vessel all day if you prefer.

Our international cruise line rates include the nights cruise, all meals, beverage package of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well as included Wi-Fi.  Rates start at $648 – $1068 for a 5 day cruise.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time to enjoy Europe. Plan short excursions such as a 4 day Rhine river cruise with your loved ones, family, and/or friends today!

Europeanbarging has been in business since 1998 and has experience in helping travelers find the perfect cruise experience. Check out our website or give us a call for short river cruises  888-869-7907   – http://www.europeanbarging.com/Group_River_Cruises/3_7_day_european_river_cruises.htm



Ama Family Friendly River Cruises

River cruises with connecting cabins and third or fourth accommodations

AmaWaterways is introducing two new river ships in Europe in 2016 that will offer family friendly river cruises.  The new 158-passenger sister ships AmaViola and AmaStella will have some connecting cabins, which are appreciated by families and groups traveling together.

Ama waterways introduces 2 new river cruise ships in Cologne Germany

Ama waterways introduces 2 new river cruise ships in Cologne Germany


The AmaViola and AmaStella will also have several cabins available for a 3rd or 4th occupants under the age of 18. The triples have a convertible chair. The only quads will be the suites with the third bed being a convertible chair and the fourth bed being a convertible sofa. Triples are located in Categories AA and AB and the Suites, cat. SS, are the only quads. Rate will be 50% of the brochure fare.

Most of the accommodations on the ships will have the line’s signature Twin Balconies — one full balcony and a French balcony in each stateroom or suite. The vessels also will have marble-appointed bathrooms, multi-jet showerheads, plush linens, salon and massage services, fitness rooms, and heated pools with swim-up bars. Complimentary unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks are available with lunch and dinner; complimentary bottled water is provided daily in all staterooms.

Amawaterways is proud to be the only river cruise line invited to join one of the world’s most prestigious culinary organizations founded in 1950 in Paris. Every AmaWaterways vessel cruising in Europe is an official member of La Chaine des Rotisseurs. Membership is considered an achievement of world-class culinary achievement.

“One of the best features of the AmaWaterways cruises is that there are multiple tour excursions available to choose from. This is great for clients that have already been to a port and are interested in other excursions.” Jan Baumgartner, Europeanbarging

The AmaStella will start out her season with cruises in Holland during Tulip season and then move down to the Danube where she will cruise between Vilshofen and Budapest with land extensions in Prague and Munich. She will end the season with Christmas Market cruises on the Danube.

The AmaViola will also start her season with three departures of Holland Tulip cruises followed by 2 Rhine River Cruises between Amsterdam and Basel before starting her Danube River Cruise between Budapest and Vilshofen. Two of these cruise itineraries will be Wine Themed departures on October 30th and November 13, 2016. She will also end her season with Christmas Market cruises on the Danube between Budapest and Nuremburg.

Cycling Options While on a AMA Waterways River Cruise

Those who have travelled to Europe will agree to the fact that there are many people riding bikes on the road. Many years back when European cities were being developed, they were arranged around a hub and designed in such a way that residents could live within a practical distance to the city center.  Today, many people in Europe prefer using bicycles to commute. Countries like Netherlands and Germany have made it easy for people using bicycles as a means of transport by weaving bike paths and including stoplights on roads.
Europeanbarging is pleased to offer cycling options on AmaWaterways river cruises in Europe.


“Riding bicycles is a convenient, healthy and beautiful way to move around the city. AMA Waterways gives you an opportunity to explore amazing places in Europe. AMA Waterways is one of the first river cruise lines to carry bicycles on board, so that customers can experience biking alongside captivating riverside pathways.” Jan Baumgartner, Europeanbarging

If you are looking to join the exclusive guided bike tours or discover Europe on your own, there are many ways you can do this on a bicycle during your cruise.
There are English speaking guides on the bike tours. As you ride your bike through historic villages and grand capitals, you will learn more about the history of the place you will be cycling through.

Whenever you feel like venturing out by yourself, you can always jump on your complimentary bicycle whenever you want and cycle down the riverside path to discover more. You will be provided will locks and helmets.

Whenever you cycle through Europe, you will have a great feeling that makes you feel good-a feeling of connection. You will be discovering the history of the destination and local culture, which is very important in creating an unforgettable memory that you will share with your friends and family.

Cycling opportunities include:
• Cycle through Vienna to discover Klosteneuberg and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake
• Cycle through Bamber, a historic town and also UNESCO World Heritage Site and discover its famed market gardens and breweries.
• Cycle through Antwerp and discover fortress, hidden quarters and museums

AmaWaterways offers its customers a unique way to discover European sights and scenery. Most importantly, there is no charge for using the bicycles on board, and as a guest, you have the freedom to venture out on your own.

Additional information is available from Europeanbarging.com 888-869-7907

Great Savings on Arosa Cruises Plus Kids Under 15 Cruise Free With Parents

Arosa Silva cruising the Danube River

Arosa Silva cruising the Danube River

Europeanbarging is offering special summer Arosa cruises that range from 5-15 days.  Discount range from $50 per person for 4 – 6 night river cruises, $70 per person for cruises 7 – 8 nights and $100 for cruises longer than 9 nights.  These luxurious European Cruise packages can be booked with Europeanbarging anywhere between the dates of April, 28th 2015-May, 30th 2015.

You can select from their featured cruises such as the Rhine River Cruise, Danube River Cruise, and the Rhone River Cruise.  All of the Arosa ships feature cabins with windows,  French balconies or useable balconies, sauna, whirlpool,  spa facilities and most have a swimming pool.  The Cologne and Passau cruise ports include round trip transfer between the Cologne or Passau train station and the ship.

“A  river cruise is one of the easiest ways to visit multiple cities throughout Europe, while still enjoying enough downtime to have the relaxed holiday getaway you deserve.  Our spectacular summer packages are the ideal way to travel in style and beauty.”  Jan Baumgartner, Europeanbarging

While onboard your river cruise you will enjoy a multitude of amenities including all meals a beverage package, free Wi-Fi and a half day excursion.  You will receive 30% off spa treatments, and bicycles  are available for rental.

Rates for your Rhine River Cruise, Danube River Cruise, or Rhone River Cruise start as low as $1,320 per person for a 7 night cruise when booked through Europeanbarging.    For singles, there are several departures where there is no single supplement being charged. Each ship has a few lower deck cabins with 3 beds that will hold 3 persons.  Children 15 and under CRUISE FREE with 1 or 2 adults in the cabin. To learn more about the specific cruises you can choose from and that start and end dates go to http://europeanbarging.com/Group_River_Cruises/3_7_day_european_river_cruises.htm.

Short River Cruises in Europe

For business travelers, or travelers in general going to Europe that have a few extra days, these 3 – 5 day river cruises are a great way to experience a river cruise and see some great sites. With the cruise, the rate includes the cruise, all meals and a beverage package with most drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol).

River cruise itineraries involve voyages through countries such as Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and more without the typical inconveniences of unpacking and packing. Their ‘Floating Hotels’ cruise by gorgeous villages, cities, vineyards, and castles.

Arosa River Cruises

On the Rhine, various itineraries depart from Basel, Mainz, and Amsterdam.

On the Danube, the voyages depart from Germany (near Munich), in Passau, and cruise to the Hungarian and Austrian capitals of Budapest and Vienna.

In Italy, they provide round trip cruises out of Venice and visit intriguing cities such as Parma, Ferrara, and Verona.

France offers many short river cruise itineraries: roundtrip Bordeaux in southwest France, roundtrip Nantes in the Loire Valley, round trip and one way itineraries between Paris and Honfleur on the Seine River and round-trip on the Rhone from Lyon, France to the Beaujolais and Burgundy wine regions and Mediterranean-style cities of Arles and Avignon and one-way in between Avignon and Lyon.

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