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Dusseldorf to Dusseldorf -
7 night Rhine Experience River Cruise

Even Goethe and Heine were inspired by Rhine Romanticism. You will certainly not fare any differently in the middle of the Middle Rhine Valley. Let yourself be kissed by inspiration – in the former aristocratic houses of Koblenz, in Boppard‘s lanes in the old town or in the shadow of Mainz Cathedral. The Dolce Vita atmosphere in Speyer will inspire you as much as Strasbourg’s laissez-faire. Listen to the song of the Loreley and end your picturesque journey in Düsseldorf with countless impressions.



Romance on the Rhine Map



Ship departs in the afternoon toward Koblenz.


The German city of Koblenz enjoys a fabulous geographical setting. It lies at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers (what a treat for riverboat cruise trips) and the convergence of three low mountain ranges, the Westerwald, Hunsrück, and the Eifel (great photo opportunities). It is a popular destination for exploring the romantic Rhine Valley. It is a rather unimposing town mostly visited because of its strategic position but it is welcoming and pleasant with a good range of bars and restaurants in a pedestrianised centre. There are some interesting attractions, a major one being the Deutsches Eck, a park with a huge statue of Kaiser Wilhelm who base provides a great position to view the point where the Rhine and Moselle meet. One of the best time to visit Koblenz is in August during the festival Rhein in Flammen (Rhine in Flames) when there is a splendid fireworks display.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Koblenz: Old town tour with hot chocolate and Koblenz kisses

The knowledgeable guides will pick you up directly from the ship and accompany you on your foray through Koblenz. The old town was lovingly rebuilt and restored after the devastating destruction in the 2nd World War and so there is much to discover. The St. Castor Basilica, the Liebfrauenkirche, the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument at the German Corner, where the Moselle meets Father Rhine, romantic alleys and of course the city's landmark - the Schängelbrunnen in front of the town hall - are among the most important sights of the two-liquid city.
On this old town tour the focus and visit is on the Liebfrauenkirche and the history of St. Nicholas. On the way there is a hot chocolate and the Koblenzer Küsschen

It is not possible to visit the church during church services  About 2 hours

Arrive Boppard around 3:30pm

Boppard is a small city consisting of nine villages located in the Rhine Province in Germany. The city is filled with Roman designed cathedrals and medieval buildings along its winding roads illustrating the life of Roman, French and German inhabitants that occupied the city in the middle ages. Nazi soldiers once occupied Rhine Province during world war one, and as a result, seized Boppard. Some buildings today still depict ruins that tell the story of aerial assaults and military combat fighting of the first world war. There are many significant landmarks such as the Former Electoral castle, Romanesque Revival church, the Town wall, and much more. Various events are held in the Summer, and wine festivals are held in the spring highlighting the city's vineyards and wineries

EXCURSION OFFERED: Boppard: Funzeltour

Enjoy the evening during a special tour through Boppard. After picking you up from the boat, you will take a walk to the pension at Schinderhannes and Julchen. After the welcome, the Funzeltour starts on foot with a ladder wagon (6-person wine tasting on the way). Experience the eventful history of the town in a relaxed, humorous way. Marvel at walls that date back to Roman times. At each sight the city guides will hand you a glass of wine. After returning to the pension, the hosts will serve soup on the doorstep for refreshment. A cosy get-together by the fireplace with cheese platter completes the evening tour. With many new impressions the way back to the ship is done in a cheerful mood.        Duration: 2 h


Depart Boppard early morning, arriving in Mainz mid afternoon. This lovely city is home to the Guttenberg Museum. The city of Mainz is situated on the Rhine river, within the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It serves as the state's capital city and is the 38th largest city in Germany, measured by population, with more than 200,000 residents. Significant attractions within the city include Mainz Cathedral, the State Theatre and the Romano-Germanic Central Museum. It is also recognised as a key hub for the German wine industry and, in actual fact, the history of wine production in the city can be traced all the way back to the Roman era. Bombing campaigns during the Second World War destroyed as much as 80 percent of the city centre, meaning much of the current city was built post-war. Nevertheless, pre-war buildings can still be seen in the Old Town area, south of the Cathedral, and this area is notable for its cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and Baroque architecture.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Mainz: City tour --- in Gutenberg's footsteps

Experience Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, on a tour of the city. Attributes such as the "Rome of the north", the "golden Mainz", the "city of gates" are often mentioned. On a 2-hour tour through the city centre, past parts of the old city wall, through the old town, market place and cathedral you will learn more about how the city got its attributes. Get to know the most important man of the city; Gutenberg.
You will be guided through the city by his traces of life and learn about the place of his birth, his baptistery, the former printing houses, his retirement home and his final resting place next to various monuments.       Duration: 2 hr


Speyer sits on a bend in the Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It's one of the country's oldest cities boasting a vast cathedral, Medieval synagogue, a pedestrianized shopping area and a museum filled with planes, trains and automobiles. Speyer Cathedral dates back to the 1020s and is the largest European Romanesque church. It's impressive proportions attract visitors who come to see the blind-arched construction, the frescoes by Johann von Schraudolph, and the crypt where 12 kings, queens and emperors are laid to rest. Judenhof is an important synagogue with a 13th century Mikvah or bathing house. With an exhibition explaining about the Jewish community that prayed here, it's a moving site to visit. Positioned at the end of pedestrianized Maximilian Street, The Old Gate was originally part of the Medieval city wall. Spectacular views over the city can be seen from the viewing area at the top of this landmark tower.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Mannheim: Discover Mannheim with Karl or Bertha Benz

The tour, which is on the program today, focuses on Mannheim as the city of inventors. A city guide dressed as Bertha Benz shows us the squares that remind us of the inventor of the automobile, Carl Benz.
After an approximately ten-minute drive from the ship, we reach the center of Mannheim and embark on a tour of discovery through the city, in which engineer Carl Benz (1844 to 1929) opened his first "Mechanical Workshop" and later presented the first automobile. Mannheim offers an extraordinary mixture of history and modernity. "Bertha Benz" starts her tour with us at the castle, the largest baroque complex in Germany. Along the way, we hear exciting stories about the inventions of her "husband" and stop at the Carl Benz Monument, which is located near the water tower, Mannheim's landmark. The monument was inaugurated in 1933 and shows on a limestone block the relief of a man in work clothes. In front of it there is a reconstruction of the first (three-wheeled) car.
One of Mannheim's peculiarities is the chessboard-like arrangement of the streets in the city center, which earned it the nickname Square City. This arrangement also makes it easy for visitors from outside to find their way around. After our two-hour city tour we walk back to the ship.       Duration: 2 h

EXCURSION OFFERED: Speyer: City Walk & Brezn

Come with us on a tour of discovery through the impressive imperial city of Speyer. On this tour we will show you the most important and beautiful sights of the 2000 year old city. Religious buildings like the crypt, impressive facades like the historic town hall, winding alleys and romantic squares are characteristic for this diverse city, marked by its rich and turbulent past.
While you follow exciting historical anecdotes, your guide will help you discover the most important buildings of the city. We would also like to immerse you in the culinary delights of Speyer so that you can enjoy a Speyrian speciality during the tour: a pretzel.       
Duration: 2 h      walking

EXCURSION OFFERED: Speyer: Glittering lights and rough nights

Stroll with us through the cozy alleys of the old town and experience Christmas in different centuries. Immerse yourself in the customs, traditions, songs and stories about Christmas. But also discover with us spirits, demons and the wild hunt. For the dark season is rich in mysteries and eerie creatures. Let two people in historical costumes accompany you and enjoy a mulled wine during the tour       Duration: 2 h


This 2000 year old city resembles something from a Black Forest fairy tale with its cobbled squares and medieval half timbered houses. Strasbourg is the largest city in the Grand Est region of France, formal site of the European Parliament and shares a border with Germany. This bi-cultural history is evident throughout the city�s architecture, culture and food. The UNESCO world heritage protected, Grand Ile is the historical heart of the city and home to the Romanesque - Gothic masterpiece, the Cathedral de Notre Dame. A 332 step climb to the Cathedral roof provides stunning views across the city. Nearby, Gutenberg Square is a great spot enjoy a relaxing drink on one of the outdoor terraces. Its small size makes the Grand Ile ideal to explore on foot and it is truly the best way to take in the breathtaking sights and atmosphere of stunning Strasbourg.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Strasbourg: city tour with photo stops

Visit Strasbourg and get to know the city in Alsace on our sightseeing tour today. We will be picked up directly at the boat and together we will go on a round trip of about one hour, passing the most important sights. On the way you will listen to the explanations of the guide and learn many exciting details about the famous buildings in Strasbourg. Afterwards we will get off the boat and discover the famous quarter Petite France, which is very popular with visitors, on foot. On our walk of about 40 minutes we will see, among other things, the covered Barrage Vauban dam bridge, which was already built in the 17th century. We stroll through the cobblestone alleys, enjoy views of the idyllic canals and discover details on the well-preserved half-timbered houses. The narrow streets here are lined with countless cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops. Our destination is one of the highlights of the excursion: the world-famous Strasbourg Cathedral, which you can now visit on your own. You will then have the opportunity to look around the city on your own for three quarters of an hour before we set off together on the twenty-minute walk to Place de Etoile. There, the bus will be waiting for us and we will start the return journey to the landing stage of our ship.       Duration: 4 h      Bus - Walking


This beautiful city is part of the Rhine Gorge UNESCO World Heritage Site situated alongside the River Rhine in Germany. There have been vineyards on the steep slopes of Rüdesheim since the first century when the Romans occupied the site. There are several ancient castles within the confines of the city including the ruined Burg Ehrehfels and the atmospheric twelfth century fortress, the Boosenburg which often hosts many popular live concerts. The stone castle of Brömserburg which dates back to the tenth century is the location of a museum dedicated to wine. Near the city's Market Square is the beautiful church of St. Jakobus which was largely constructed in the early fourteenth century. It is now a venue for the Rheingau Musik Festival of classical and choral music. The city hosts many other festivals including a summertime firework display, a wine festival and a Christmas market.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Rüdesheim: On the trail of the Rüdesheim vintner

With a guided tour through the lively and winding old town of Rüdesheim you start a tour for connoisseurs. In the world-famous "Drosselgasse", which was already a popular excursion destination in the second half of the 19th century, it seems as if time has stood still. Here several wine bars in half-timbered style with a rustic atmosphere are lined up. Rüdesheim is known above all for the Riesling and Spätburgunder wines. If the weather is good, one of the most renowned winegrowers of Rüdesheim will be waiting for you and will guide you through his vineyard at the estate. Tradition meets the young generation. In our Viva Mission we also introduce young winegrowers and so you will be spoiled with different wines from the Rheingau by the expert. The tasting will provide a lot of knowledge and above all a lot of humour to make the social part of the tour a very enjoyable one. What could be better than a glass of wine with a view of the Rhine and the vineyards? But judge for yourself.       Duration: 2 h     walking

EXCURSION OFFERED: Rüdesheim coffee for connoisseurs

" Rüdesheimer Kaffee is an alcoholic coffee drink from Rüdesheim am Rhein in Germany invented in 1957 by the German television chef, Hans Karl Adam. It is a popular drink in coffee houses. Asbach Uralt brandy and sugar cubes are added to a cup. In Rüdesheim, a cup that is specially designed for this beverage is used."       Duration: 2 h     walking

EXCURSION OFFERED: Rüdesheim Gondola and City Walk

Start on foot through the lively and winding old town of Rüdesheim. In the world-famous "Drosselgasse", which was already a popular excursion destination in the second half of the 19th century, it seems as if time has stood still. Here several wine bars in half-timbered style with a rustic atmosphere are lined up. Then it goes on with a trip in the "Rüdesheimer cable railway" opened already in 1954. This replaced the rack railway destroyed in the 2nd World War, which even carried the first tourists in 1884. Float over the vineyards of the Rheingau and enjoy unique views. At the top you will visit the historic "Niederwalddenkmal" and from the"Niederwald-Tempel" you can let your gaze wander over the Rhine valley and the vineyards.       Duration: 2 h      walking


Düsseldorf, the capital and second-largest city of North Rhine-Westphalia, is a mix of old and new Germany. The Altstadt, or Old Town, is centrally located behind the Rhine Embankment Promenade and has been dubbed “the longest bar in the world” due to the estimated 300 bars and discos in the area. Shopping aficionados will be more than pleased with the variety of shops and interesting boutiques on Königsallee and Schadowstraße while fans of history and culture will not want to miss visiting St. Lambertus Church, the Rathaus (Town Hall) or the 13th century Schlossturm (Castle Tower) which houses the nautical museum. Those with more time on their hands may also consider short trips to visit the Baroque-style 18th century mansion of Schloss Benrath or the 12th century ruins of Kaiserpfalz in the picturesque town of Kaiserswerth.


Ship arrive about 8am. Disembark after breakfast.

* Please note that your route may not include all the excursions listed here. You will receive further information about the excursions that can be booked with your travel documents and on board.



Day Port Arr Dep Comments
1 Dusseldorf (Germany)   3:00pm Embarkation 1:00pm
2 Koblenz (Germany) 7:30am 1:30pm  
2 Boppard (Germany) 4:00pm   Optional tour or Free Time
3 Boppard (Germany)   08:00am  
3 Mainz (Germany) 3:00pm 9:00pm  
4 Mannheim (Germany) 03:30am 09:30am  
4 Speyer (Germany) 12:00pm 7:30pm Optional tour or Free Time
5 Strasbourg (France) 8:30am 11:30pm  
6 Rudesheim (Germany) 3:30pm    
7 Rudesheim (Germany)   04:30am  
7 Dusseldorf (Germany) 4:30pm   Optional tour or Free Time
8 Dusseldorf (Germany) 8:00am   Disembarkation 09:00

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