Choosing the Right European River Cruise

If you’re up for a romantic getaway or perhaps a unique and wonderful vacation, you might want to consider a European river cruise. A river cruise may be exactly what you need to relax far from your busy and stressful life, away from your job and the hustle of a fast-paced city life. There is nothing more peaceful than floating down a scenic river on a lovely cruise ship.

River Ship on the Elbe River in Dresden Germany

River Ship on the Elbe River in Dresden Germany

A river cruise allows you to see more and do more than touring from a bus, a train or a car. You can see breathtaking landscapes more comfortably, whether you are in your cabin, on the open decks, the lounge or even while dining. Plus, you don’t have to worry about transportation from point to point, packing or unpacking your bags to every place you visit. You get to see a lot of places conveniently and comfortably.

You can be as active as you like on a river cruise as there is a wide range of activities on board and ashore to keep you interested and occupied.
So if you decide to treat yourself to one of the European River Cruises, of course, you will need to consider a lot of things. If you want to end your vacation with pleasant memories and go home satisfied, you have to choose the right travel date, the right ship, and the right itinerary.

Most European river cruising companies provide a high quality experience for the traveler. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best European river cruise line:

Itinerary. The first thing you should consider would be the itinerary. Which companies offer the itinerary that suits you the best? Which itinerary are you interested the most? One of the most popular European river cruise itinerary is the Danube River Cruise.

Features and Inclusions. Does the company provide entertainment for the guests, like TVs, movies, or music? Does it have a free internet access on board? Does it offer free drinks? Is the food good? Are the cabins conducive for rest and relaxation? Does it have pampering services like a spa or a massage? These are some of the things you would want to consider if you want a relaxing and hassle-free river cruise experience.

Cost. River cruise lines vary in cost, though there are differences in quality of product and services. You should check the fine print and hidden charges. And also check for surcharges on some services and amenities offered. Some companies also offer discounts if you book in advance.

Most European river cruise companies have already built their reputation in offering high quality and wonderful river cruise experiences. AmaWaterways River Cruises is known for its high quality services and extras. You can enjoy riding a bicycle and multiple choice excursions in each port, free of charge. And not only that, their crew and staffs are friendly, outstanding, efficient, and welcoming to ensure you a great experience on board.

Europeanbarging, with over 20 years experience specializing in European river cruises and luxury barging, can assist in finding the perfect cruise vessel and itinerary.; 888-869-7907

Why You Should Go on a Short River Cruise

A Short River Cruise in Europe is a great way to check out river cruising without costing a lot of money. A 4 day Rhine River Cruise or a short Danube Cruise are great first cruise itineraries to experience.

Arosa Silva

Arosa Silva

Traveling throughout Europe is fun and exciting — it is one of those adventures that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Europe gives travelers that beautiful balance of both ancient and modern times.

If you like to have a more intimate and cozy travel experience around this timeless and beautiful continent, then you should go for a short river cruise. It will surely be an unforgettable journey as you traverse astounding waterways such as the Danube, the Main, and the Rhine and see historic cities and beautiful villages by the shore.

Here are some of the advantages of traveling on a short river cruise.
1. They’re brief.
Short river cruises in Europe usually last 3 to 7 days, depending on the cruise you choose. You will be able to enjoy the scenery and bask in European culture without having to stay too long on the ship. It is the perfect vacation for families with small children, an add-on to an existing trip, or for those who simply want a quick getaway. You will be able to experience so much in a short time.
You don’t have to spend more than a month in Europe to enjoy its luxurious culture and beautiful landscapes. For instance, you can visit Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria in a three-night Danube river Cruise or view the castles along Germany’s Rhine River on a four to six day river cruise.
2. They are more personal.
Compared to ocean cruises, a short river cruise lets travelers enjoy smaller vessels, which is a more intimate setting — the best retreat for those on a romantic vacation. In most big cruise vacations, you will find yourself amidst at least 2000 travelers.
3. You don’t have to unpack multiple times.
If you want to travel around multiple locations in Europe and you are going by land, you will find that you will have to unpack and pack again multiple times. The river cruises will bring you to as many locations as you want and you have to unpack only once — it is such a convenience.
On the other hand, if you don’t mind exploring while on water but you want to sleep and rest on land, you can still enjoy a short river cruise.
4. They offer guided visits on various tourist spots.
Don’t think that you will stay on the cruise while you are traveling — there will be stops, shore excursions, and guided tours when you reach particular tourist attractions. Cruises also allow travelers to explore the towns by themselves. And since you are in fascinating Europe, some interesting stops that will highlight your trip may include outdoor museums, churches, castles, cheese factories, vineyards and even tulip gardens. Of course, you still have the option to stay on the vessel all day if you prefer.

Our international cruise line rates include the nights cruise, all meals, beverage package of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well as included Wi-Fi.  Rates start at $648 – $1068 for a 5 day cruise.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time to enjoy Europe. Plan short excursions such as a 4 day Rhine river cruise with your loved ones, family, and/or friends today!

Europeanbarging has been in business since 1998 and has experience in helping travelers find the perfect cruise experience. Check out our website or give us a call for short river cruises  888-869-7907   –



Ama Family Friendly River Cruises

River cruises with connecting cabins and third or fourth accommodations

AmaWaterways is introducing two new river ships in Europe in 2016 that will offer family friendly river cruises.  The new 158-passenger sister ships AmaViola and AmaStella will have some connecting cabins, which are appreciated by families and groups traveling together.

Ama waterways introduces 2 new river cruise ships in Cologne Germany

Ama waterways introduces 2 new river cruise ships in Cologne Germany


The AmaViola and AmaStella will also have several cabins available for a 3rd or 4th occupants under the age of 18. The triples have a convertible chair. The only quads will be the suites with the third bed being a convertible chair and the fourth bed being a convertible sofa. Triples are located in Categories AA and AB and the Suites, cat. SS, are the only quads. Rate will be 50% of the brochure fare.

Most of the accommodations on the ships will have the line’s signature Twin Balconies — one full balcony and a French balcony in each stateroom or suite. The vessels also will have marble-appointed bathrooms, multi-jet showerheads, plush linens, salon and massage services, fitness rooms, and heated pools with swim-up bars. Complimentary unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks are available with lunch and dinner; complimentary bottled water is provided daily in all staterooms.

Amawaterways is proud to be the only river cruise line invited to join one of the world’s most prestigious culinary organizations founded in 1950 in Paris. Every AmaWaterways vessel cruising in Europe is an official member of La Chaine des Rotisseurs. Membership is considered an achievement of world-class culinary achievement.

“One of the best features of the AmaWaterways cruises is that there are multiple tour excursions available to choose from. This is great for clients that have already been to a port and are interested in other excursions.” Jan Baumgartner, Europeanbarging

The AmaStella will start out her season with cruises in Holland during Tulip season and then move down to the Danube where she will cruise between Vilshofen and Budapest with land extensions in Prague and Munich. She will end the season with Christmas Market cruises on the Danube.

The AmaViola will also start her season with three departures of Holland Tulip cruises followed by 2 Rhine River Cruises between Amsterdam and Basel before starting her Danube River Cruise between Budapest and Vilshofen. Two of these cruise itineraries will be Wine Themed departures on October 30th and November 13, 2016. She will also end her season with Christmas Market cruises on the Danube between Budapest and Nuremburg.

Questions and Answers on AmaWaterways European River Cruise

Our questions and answers on AmaWaterways European River Cruises are to provide information on what make AmaWaterways a great River Cruise company for your European River Cruise  We can assist in finding the perfect cruise.  Call us   – 888-869-7907


AmaLegro docked at night

AmaLegro docked at night







Is Internet available onboard?
High-speed Internet service is available free of charge as part of the in-stateroom “Infotainment System.” Additionally, AmaWaterways offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the ship.

What is the dress code?
We recommend country club casual for dinner. Guests typically wear dressier attire for the Captain’s Gala dinner.

Is there an elevator on board?
Elevators are available onboard all vessels reaching the two highest passenger decks, reception area and restaurant. Elevator does nto go down to the lower cabin decks. Staircase from lower deck to 2nd deck is a spiral staircase.

What time is embarkation?
Official embarkation time is 3 p.m. for all ships. This allows the staff to prepare your stateroom and have the ship ready for the next departure. If you arrive earlier, you may check your luggage on board, and then explore the embarkation port city.

What time is disembarkation?
Official disembarkation time is 9 a.m. You may disembark earlier if the ship is moored in the location you are disembarking in, and you may disembark later providing you have vacated your stateroom and checked out before 9 a.m.

What language is spoken on board?
The official language on board is English on all ships. Most crew members speak fluent English. All announcements and lectures will be presented in English. All locals guides are fluent in English.

What are the tipping guidelines?
Gratuities to your Cruise Manager and ship crew are not included in the vacation price. While the amount of these gratuities will depend upon your degree of satisfaction for services received, many of our clients have asked us for general tipping guidelines. Here are our recommendations:

For good service, we recommend 3 Euros per passenger, per day for the Cruise Manager and 12 Euros per passenger, per day for the crew, which will be divided up among the ship’s personnel. It is also customary to acknowledge a particularly good performance of a local guide by leaving a tip of 1-2 Euros per tour. Gratuities on most vessels, but not all, may be charged on credit card as well as cash.

Is smoking allowed on board?
Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside any of the ships. Smoking is only permitted on the Sun Deck. For the safety and comfort of all passengers on board, your cooperation in observing the no-smoking policy is greatly appreciated.

What amenities are available in the staterooms?
Each stateroom is equipped with a hair dryer, plush terry bathrobes, slippers and a safe. Your bathroom offers a magnifying mirror and spa-quality toiletries including soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

Are there phones in the staterooms?
Each stateroom has its own telephone, along with instructions for use. Phones may be used to call from stateroom to stateroom and ship to shore. Since the telephone system functions via GSM, there may be times, depending on location, when service is unavailable. Any charges for calls will be billed to your shipboard account. Please inquire at the reception desk for rates.

Is air conditioning available in the staterooms?
All staterooms in are equipped with individual climate control. If you have any questions regarding your stateroom’s temperature control, please refer to the instructions or check with the reception desk.

Is there a Fitness Center on board?
Each ship has a fitness room with a selection of exercise equipment. Use of the equipment is at the sole risk of the user. Hours of operation vary according to the ship. There is no attendant on duty and therefore, without limitation, AmaWaterways and its affiliates are not responsible for any injuries sustained during the use of the fitness room.

What electrical current is on the ship?
Electricity on board all ships is 220v, with 2-pin power outlets. You will need an adapter, and/or converter depending on which electrical appliances you bring with you.

Is there laundry service on board?
Laundry services are available on board for a fee. Price lists are available in your stateroom. Please note that clothes cannot be dry cleaned on board.

Are there medical facilities on board?
There are no medical facilities on board. However medical services can easily be called from shore if required.

Are bicycles available?
Each ship has a limited number of bicycles and helmets available for use when the ship is docked. When appropriate, a sign-up sheet is used to request the bicycles. Use of the bicycles is at your own risk. Therefore, without limitation, AmaWaterways and all of its affiliates are not responsible for any injuries sustained during their use.

Are all meals included on board?
All meals on board the ships are included in the cruise price. Meals are served in the dining room in a single seating. For dinner, passengers will be seated by a dining room host.

What type of cuisine is served on board?
All meals are skillfully prepared by European chefs and consist of Continental cuisine
made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. Breakfast is buffet-style with selections available from the menu as well. Lunch is also buffet-style with salads, soups and a selection of hot buffet items, hot entrees and desserts. Dinner is a multi-course meal with a choice of delicious entrees, including a vegetarian option.

What is the beverage policy on board?
Coffee and tea are available free of charge throughout the day and during meals. Specialty coffees, such as espresso and café latte are also available free of charge. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at additional cost. During lunch and dinner, local wines soft drinks and beer are available on a complimentary basis. Complimentary bottled water is replenished daily.

Are excursions included?
A sightseeing tour is included in each city or town you visit, along with free time to explore the city according to your own interests. The sightseeing tours can take place on foot, via motor coach, or a combination of the two. Each tour is led by a qualified, licensed English-speaking local guide or your Cruise Manager. In addition to our Gentle and Active Walkers groups noted in our Health and Well-Being section, for some excursions, we have a “Late Starter” option for guests who wish to sleep in but do not want to miss key tour highlights. For those guests interested in exploring Europe from an exciting new perspective, we offer guided bicycle tours in select cities (capacity controlled). In the event of water level problems on certain stretches of the river, it may be necessary to operate part of the itinerary by motor coach or to alter the daily program as determined by the ship’s Captain.

Are audio sets provided during the tours?
During shore excursions, we provide a sophisticated audio headset system that allows guests to comfortably listen to their tour guide while taking photos or admiring some of Europe’s hidden gems.

Is there a beauty salon on board?
Various beauty and hair treatments as well as massages are available on board. Please inquire at the reception desk for a list of services and to schedule an appointment.

Is there a gift shop on board?
The ship has an onboard gift shop that sells accessories, souvenirs, gifts, and a limited selection of personal and toiletry items. Opening hours vary according to itinerary.

Is there a pool on board?
All ships are equipped with a whirlpool or heated swimming pool, perfect for a refreshing dip. Saunas are available on select ships. There is no attendant on duty and use of these facilities is at the sole risk of the user. AMAWATERWAYS and its affiliates are not responsible for any injuries sustained during the use of the whirlpool, pool or sauna.
Please note there is no attendant on duty and use of these facilities is solely at your own risk.

What is the minimum age to travel with AmaWaterways?
All guests under the age of 18 are to be in a cabin with an adult, and must remain supervised at all times, and their safety is the responsibility of the accompanying adult(s). Children between the ages of 4 – 10 at the time of embarkation may share a cabin with 2 adults provided the child is able to share the bed with the adults – no additional bed will be provided. Please be aware that balcony cabins of any kind may be unsafe for small children if left unsupervised. Children 4-7 years old are not recommended on any program and on our Africa program, due to safety precautions, there is a minimum age limit of 12 years old, unless otherwise agreed upon by AmaWaterways. AmaWaterways does not provide child-specific programs or child-minding facilities. Please let us know if you need anything else.


Ama River Cruise Advantage on Excursions and Dining


AmaPrima cabin with French doors






AmaPrima River Cruise cabin with French doors

Travelers will cruise in absolute luxury aboard the AmaWaterways’ river cruise ships – complete with spacious staterooms, on-board entertainment and Internet/WiFi access. Fine dining in multiple venues, complimentary wine, beer & soft drinks with lunch and dinner and cabins with French doors (some ships have useable balconies) are just some of the amenities available aboard the cruise.

When your ship docks in the heart of town, stroll ashore for included excursions or set off to explore on a complimentary bicycle. Unpack just once then settle in as each destination comes to you. With no need to navigate from place to place, you’ll find a sense of adventure and a sense of home all in one vacation.

In order to accommodate each and every passenger’s pace, AmaWaterways offers a “Gentle Walkers” group, for those who’d like to explore at a more leisurely pace. Wherever possible, we also offer an “Active Walkers” group for those interested in covering more ground; and a “Late Starter” group for those who prefer to sleep in. AmaWaterways also offers multiple tours in each port for those that might have visited the area before at no additional charge.

AmaWaterways is the only river cruise line that carries more than two dozen bicycles and safety helmets, free for you to use throughout Europe. 

The bicycles give you the freedom to venture out and explore the riverside bike-ways or participate in complimentary guided bicycle tours. Whether you join a guided bike tour or explore on your own, our user-friendly bicycles offer the ultimate in touring freedom.

Amawaterways is proud to be the only river cruise line invited to join one of the world’s most prestigious culinary organizations founded in 1950 in Paris. Every AmaWaterways vessel cruising in Europe is an official member of La Chaine des Rotisseurs. Membership is considered an achievement of world-class culinary achievement.

AmaWaterways offers cruises on the Mosel, Rhine and Danube in Germany, Douro in Portugal,  the Rhone and Saone in France as well as Bordeaux for 2015.  The Danube River from Germany through Austria and Hungary to the Black Sea.  There are many Themed cruises – such as Christmas Markets, Wine, Beer and Tulip cruises.

Check the “Special Offers” section on the front page of our website for special offers on AmaWaterways River Cruises in Europe.  888-869-7907