EU Christmas Markets

The origin of Christmas markets dates back to early 1400’s in Germany. With the passage of time, these markets came to be held in countries all over the world. Christmas in Europe is a time for elaborate celebration. Christmas markets are captivating street markets where the romance of holiday meets with grand tradition. Christmas markets celebrate the traditional sights, sounds and scents of Christmas and are staged throughout the Advent period from the end of November to the third week of December. Some of these markets open till New Years. Every city, town and village of Europe lightens up to Christmas celebrations with beautifully decorated shops and houses.

Christmas markets-tradition and celebration

Christmas markets are usually staged in town squares. As you stroll through these markets, you get mesmerized with the atmosphere that is truly traditional and nostalgic. Smells of mulled wines, gingerbread and roasting sausages waft through the cold air, handmade ornaments adorn ancient fir trees and master glassblowers and other artisans ply their crafts in wooden stalls. Delightful festive lights and charming gifts completely absorb you in the grand celebrations.

Christmas market cruise helps you visit maximum number of Christmas markets

Next, the river cruise will take you to Rudesheim featuring over 120 market stalls from 12 countries in “The Christmas Market of the Nations” and Europe’s largest Nativity scene, Frankfurt’s “Weihnachtsmarket” , Fussen Germany Christmas Market; Strasbourg with France’s oldest Christmas Market or Colmar Christmas Market or Mulhouse’s Christmas Market.
You can’t resist the temptation to visit as many Christmas markets as you can. So how will you do that? Here is when Christmas market cruise comes to your help. A river cruise can help you quickly move from one Christmas market to another so that you can see the maximum number of these charming markets. Let’s see how a river cruise can be helpful for you. Cologne is situated on the Rhine River with its Christmas Market near the Cathedral or its Medieval Christmas Market on the banks of the Rhine with entertainers, minstrels and jesters. Through a river cruise you can move from Cologne to Koblenz- where the Rhine and Mosel rivers meet, enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride, visit over 130 decorated stalls or listen to a Christmas concert at the Town Hall.
In Germany, along the Main River, there are Nuremburg Christmas Markets, Rothenberg Christmas Market and Regensburg Christmas Markets. A river cruise can quickly take you from one Christmas market to another. Along Danube, there are the Passau Christmas Markets, the Vienna Christmas Markets and Salzburg Old Town Christmas Markets (usually offered an an excursion from the ships).
We can provide you with several Christmas market cruise itineraries. For example, seven night cruises on the Rhine and Danube and a shorter Danube Christmas Market cruise that has several land extension options are available. To know more about our packages, please feel free to call us at this number or click here! There is nothing like a river cruise that can work wonders for you during the holiday season! Book one of our river cruise and indulge yourself in the charming, sparkling and those so inviting Christmas markets!