Meanderer 2013-Guided Biking Tours! Flexible choice of Excursions

Have you ever thought you can experience one of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to explore France? If you want to cruise its beautiful canals and rivers in a royal style and discover the green countryside, Meanderer 2013 is what you are looking for. Aboard this luxury barge cruise in France, you’ll get an opportunity to experience life there from a truly unique perspective. Carrying between 1-6 guests, this spacious barge cruise is ideal for a group of family or friends. You can charter your own barge or reserve a cabin with other guests.

Meanderer 2013 is known as one of the best crafts plying the European waterways. These floating hotels take you from great cities to remote landscapes of forests, fields and hidden villages you never knew. This all- inclusive cruise gently glides along while you relax and enjoy gourmet cuisine, fine wines and the company of fellow passengers.
Multiple Excursions Options is the latest offering on Meanderer 2013. It is a whole new concept introduced by this luxury barge cruise. It allows you to choose a specific program according to your interest. The most exciting is fully guided cycling tours as part of the multiple excursions options. The small region in Burgundy between Montargis within the Loire Valley and Nevers is suitable for both cycling and sailing. Following the flow of the Loire River, the bike route gently rolls through green countryside with charming little villages sporadically intermingled. The rich landscape bears many fruitful vineyards. The famous ones are the wines from Pouilly-sur-Loire and Sancerre; and of course there are the Burgundy (Bourgogne) wines, said to be among the most prestigious in the world.
This wholly new program can be expanded at will to include full Barge and Biking charters. The biking options are available to all or individual guests on any given day and custom designed in accordance with biking skills and level of comfort. Maps, GPS, water bottles, helmets and essential spare parts are available. Cyclists can also bring their own shoes and clip-on pedals.
Our biking program is designed to allow as much flexibility as possible. We shall always try to accommodate any specific group and individual preferences. However, there is only 1 guide available and therefore majority rules (GPS is available)
Combine your passion for cycling with one of the most pampered ways to travel — aboard our floating hotel Meanderer 2013 on the canals and waterways of France!