Cologne Chocolate Museum- Taste Greatness

Cologne Chocolate MuseumA Variety of Chocolate to be found at Cologne Chocolate Museum

Anyone who loves chocolate is sure to fall in love with Germany. Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city is Germany’s chocolate capital as it is the proud home of the world famous Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum or Chocolate Museum. The museum, founded just 25 years ago, has attained a worldwide fame and reputation. As the Visitors step into the cologne museum,  they overwhelmingly smell  the chocolate fragrance. Your visit is sure to keep getting better after that first step.

The Chocolate Museum, located on the Rhine River, is shaped in a wonderful ship shaped building of glass and metal. The museum is spacious, well aerated and modern inside. The chocolate museum started as an exhibit aimed at celebrating the 150th anniversary of Stollwerk. The event was so successful that the idea of creating a full-scale chocolate museum automatically originated and the chocolate museum opened its doors on October 31st, 1993.

The Cologne Chocolate Museum is A Great Attraction for Many Visitors

More than five million visitors come to the Cologne Chocolate Museum every year. They come to have a look at the grand museum; Also, to see the process of shaping the chocolate through various stages. This self-financed museum was established as an interactive experience. Here, visitors can learn about the history of chocolate starting with Mayan’s chocolate “drink of the gods” to today’s chocolate commercials.

The greenhouse of the Cologne Chocolate Museum is a delightful experience as travelers stroll through it, looking at the cocoa trees. In the mini-production unit of the museum, visitors can see the incredible transformation of cocoa beans into chocolate bars through various stages.

Kids Enjoy Interactive Activities at The Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Museum hosts several interactive activities for kids. The most attractive feature of the museum is a 10-feet high chocolate fountain: The employees at the museum will happily dip waffles into the warm chocolate to give visitors a generous try.

Many take home delicious chocolates from the shop inside the museum where visitors can choose from a wide range of German and Swiss chocolate.  There is a big assortment of imported chocolates as well as fresh made chocolates on premisses.

Be sure to check out the decadent chocolate desserts in their cafe.

Cafe in the Cologne Chocolate Museum

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Seven Culinary Pathways in SalzburgerLand

While, getting an opportunity to sample local specialties and savor fine cuisine is an important part of any holiday, when you are in SalzburgerLand, you will come across a creative initiative, The Via Culinaria, which provides a true gourmet experience. SalzburgerLand, for many years, has taken pride in having the highest concentration of internationally acclaimed restaurants in all of Austria. There is no other Austrian province which can stand in comparison to such high culinary expectations as does SalzburgerLand.

Via Culinaria Indulges You in SalzburgerLand

Via Culinaria is very delightful experience where you are taken through seven different culinary pathways in SalzburgerLand to the most delicious products this region has to offer. You get the chance to indulge in these delectable dishes in various ways like you can sample them at local producers and on the farm, relish the traditional specialties- sustaining their presence through centuries- at inns, or get them served to you at internationally renowned restaurants where the culinary artistry is just incomparable.

SalzburgerLand Has Something For Everyone

The Salzburg Culinary Tour has something for everyone from gourmets to beer and schnapps aficionados. Meat eaters, sweet tooths, and cheese fans will come across constant surprises. The culinary pathways lead you to over 200 highly acclaimed, unsurpassable addresses.

The Via Culinaria is marked by indispensable components of regionality, originality, quality and authenticity. Eckart Witzigmann, famed as “Chef of the Century” by Gault Millau, is the honorary figurehead of the Via Culinaria.

The culinary pathways will be an unforgettable SalzburgerLand experience for you as it brings together the region’s best kitchens, from country inns with their traditional touch to cosmopolitan inner-city eateries, from the modern designer restaurants to a romantic lake-side terrace.

Yet another surprise to take home as you wind up your holiday in SalzburgerLand is a variety of homemade specialties offered by many of region’s award-winning chefs such as  jams, spreads, fine distilled spirits and many more.

A visit to SalzburgerLand makes a great pre or post Danube River Cruise extension. Book your holiday on our Danube River Cruise and visit SalzburgerLand to indulge in its delicious and varied dishes!