Gourmet France: Famous French Sweets That Will Make Your Mouth Water

France isn’t famous just for its French cheese regions; gourmet France is also well-known all over the world for its sumptuous sweet offerings. No visit to France will ever be complete without gorging on one or all of these desserts. Whether you’re making a trip to Paris or the nearest patisserie in your city, here’s a list of French sweets that you definitely need to try.

French Macarons

French Macarons

So, what makes this French cookie oh-so special? Well, for one, they’re made from almond flour and come in a wide array of flavors and colors. Macarons are not just a feast for the eyes; they’re a feast for the mouth as well.

French Crepes

Crepes can be found in just about any cafe in Paris so failing to eat your fill of this sweet treat when you’re in the city is practically committing a grave sin. These very thin pancakes are made from flour, milk, eggs, and butter and served with your choice of sweet topping. Lemon and sugar, anyone?

French Glace


Glace to France is basically what gelato is to Italy. It’s a creamier, much richer ice cream that you can get in all sorts of flavors. If you want to get a taste of the real thing, head to the south of France as it’s quite rare to find a good glace anywhere else.



Good news for all chocoholics out there! The French have elevated chocolate into an art form, making France once of the best places to spoil yourself with choices. Here are just some of the best premium brands that you need to sample while in France: Valrhona, La Maison du Chocolat, La Chocolaterie de Puyricard, and Richart.


Calissons from Aix in Provence

This traditional candy made from candied fruit paste is the toast of Aix en Provence. Having a similar texture to the marzipan, calissons are topped with ground almonds over a layer of royal icing.


Nougat from Southern Provence

Provence in the south of France has the best nougat in the world so if you’re craving for a chewy bar with honey, pistachios, and almonds, you know where to go.

Creme Brule

Creme Brulee

What’s soft and creamy with a caramelized sugar crust? It’s the creme brulee, of course! There’s nothing more satisfying than sinking your teeth into the crust, digging your spoon into the velvety custard filling, and taking a sweet bite of heaven.


Originally made in the Lorraine region in northeastern France, these shell-shaped mini cakes are so soft that they quickly dissolve when you put them in your mouth. Light spongy madeleines are best served with your favorite tea or coffee, making them the perfect treat for a lazy weekend.

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is the French’s answer to the Americans’ apple pie. It’s an upside-down pastry filled with apple chunks caramelized in sugar and butter. If you ever find yourself craving for a taste of the south while visiting France, the tarte tatin doesn’t disappoint.


Also known as the “Napoleon,” the mille-feuille is a classic French pastry that has flaky airy layers with heavy cream and jam in between. Literally translated as “a thousand leaves,” the mille-feuille is well-loved for its simple flavors but amazing textures.

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Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Paris

Afternoon TeaAfternoon Tea in Paris

Paris is one of the finest cities in the world for shopping and afternoon tea. So when visitors are in Paris, it is inevitable that shopping comes to mind as soon as they step into the city. Although there are many shopping stores in Paris, visitors would particularly love Le Bon Marche. This is the biggest Left Bank department store as well as the oldest in the city which was planned by Gustav Eiffel and opened its doors in 1852.

Le Bon Marche, specializes in luxury fashion for men, women and kids; it has an exquisite collection of furniture, high class gifts and household items. It is one of the three most visited and best known department stores in Paris. So travelers have a great shopping experience here.

Rose Bakery Tea Room for Afternoon Tea

After travelers get tired with all that shopping at Le Bon Marche, they can relax at the store’s Rose Bakery Tea Room. The French is world famous for their politeness, and formality; and French dining dwells on a lot of etiquette and mannerisms. Afternoon tea is very much an essential part of French dining and life. Rose Bakery tea room, located on the second floor of Le Bon Marche, visitors can choose from a wide range of French pastries and have a relaxing cup of afternoon tea.

Get a Taste of Well Known French Pastries with Afternoon Tea

Many know about French pastries throughout the world and that knowledge alone makes the country a great attraction for pastry lovers. There is a large variety of French pastries, which look like something ethereal, and taste like ecstasy. The ambience of the Rose Bakery is as enthralling as the variety of food offered here. The crisp white walls and classic dark floors are a combination of vintage and design pieces. Also, visitors will find many delectable muffins, and cakes, on beautiful pastry stands. The luxurious Tea Room lets travelers best enjoy your Parisian dream. Although Rose Bakery offers a variety of food items, it is particularly famous for its scones, carrot cake, fresh juices, and jams—all made from local, organic products.

While, in Paris, Le Bon Marche will give travelers a wonderful experience. Travelers can satisfy their shopping desire here, and then relax on a cup of afternoon tea along with some nice French pastries at Rose Bakery Tea Room of the shop. That would be enough to make your day!