Austrian Town of Gmunden

Picture Perfect Town of GmundenThe Picture Perfect Town of Gmunden

The picturesque town of Gmunden is situated in the Salzkammergut region, the Austrian Lake District. It’s a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, located on the shores of Lake Traunsee and surrounded by mountains. Gmunden – the town of ceramics – is full of life and exudes southern charm.

Gmunden is not a big town. But it can’t be labeled as a passive and sleepy small village either. The town has so much to catch your attention. It is romantic, energetic, active and lively. It takes pride in its culture and offers a pleasant atmosphere. It captivates you with its charm and offers several interesting contrasts within it. It is a place which surprises you with a wonderful balance of excitement and calmness, noise and quietness. The town is a perfect place to move about – to shop or simply enjoy.

Gmunden was a significant settlement as early as Celtic times and grew in the 11th century to become an important center of the salt trade. Due to its pleasant climate and the beauty of the Salzkammergut landscape, the aristocracy and wealthy citizens spent their summers in the town at Lake Traunsee as early as the 19th century.

Emperor Franz Josef, for example, used to visit the Royal House of Hanover in Gmunden, where the nobility from all over Europe stayed, before he headed to his summer residence in Bad Ischl.

Gmunden offers a unique charm with its splendid town houses and facades dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Gmunden’s renaissance town hall has the only ceramic chimes in Austria and is quite famous as a popular tourist destination.

In Gmunden, you can find a great number of excursions and points of interest. The most important among them are the Traun Fall, 10 miles north of the town, a castle called Schloss Ort, and a ceramic factory producing Gmundner Keramic branded pottery. The “Schloss Ort” castle is situated on a small island and is the most authentic emblem of the town. It was purchased by Archduke Johann Salvator Toscana, who was related to the House of Habsburg-Lothringen. Today, the “Schloss Ort” has become even more famous, because of the TV series “Schlosshotel Orth”.

Austrian Town of Gmunden and Danube River Cruise

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Schoonhoven- The Holland River Cruise

Holland River CruiseHolland River Cruise- Visit The Exciting Town Schoonhoven

Schoonhoven is a city in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. Though it is not normally a major tourist stop, it definitely offers a unique attraction…its reputation for its silver. For centuries, the city has been home to silver smiths and has been popularly nicknamed Silver City (Zilverstad). One can still find a number of silver smiths in the old part of town, particularly along the central canal.

Presently, there are countless possibilities in silver trade and Schoonhoven is home of the International Silver School as well as the Silver Museum, which is housed in the former Harbour barracks earlier used by the military.

The museum enthralls you with a huge permanent collection of silver and very interesting displays from mining stages to the end products. You will see the various techniques used to mine, shape, polish, and cultivate the items including a completely rebuilt interior of an old silver shop. Recently, in August 2013, a complete silver workshop was opened. You can see young silver smiths at work there and closely observe how they work on their craft and can even ask them questions. The Silver Museum is a showcase of what Scoonhoven has accomplished over years in the domain of silver.

The Holland River Cruise Is Where You Want To Be

Silver is undeniably the most important and famous tradition in Schoonhoven and one you want to experience when you visit the area! Our Holland Barge Cruises and Holland River Cruises make a stop in Shoonhoven. Book your holiday cruise and get to enjoy the wonderful Silver City of Holland!