September is a Great Month to Cruise in Europe

Cruise through Europe in September

europe cruiseSummer is generally considered the beach season and prime vacation time for families in Europe.. Every part of Europe has its own specific cruise season length but usually the shoulder months offer both fair weather as well as fair prices.

When the tourists head home, and the humidity is lower, Europe offers pleasant weather across the continent. September might be an extension of summer’s oppressive heat but the weather is usually just about right.

In Western Europe, September still is considered peak season, with tourists and residents enjoying the last outdoor festivals, trade shows and outdoor activities. While temperatures can reach up to the mid-70s, it is very pleasant for the most part. The barge and river cruise ships experience their greatest demand in September because of the mild temperatures Throughout France and Germany there are many wine festivals going on at this time and other parts of Europe are also offering many types of fall festivals. French barge cruise, German barge cruise, Spain river cruise and Douro river cruise and so on will be perfect for cruising Western Europe in September and enjoying various kinds of wine festivals, music festivals and fall festivals.

Mediterranean Europe

Mediterranean Europe also offers nice weather during September which is one of the most popular times to cruise the region, as the steamy and oppressive summer weather starts to calm down. An extremely exotic and culturally rich destination in the world, Mediterranean Europe offers several breathtaking sights ranging from the ancient stone villages and radiant beaches of Portugal to the mystical eastern elegance of Turkey. A Mediterranean cruise offers everything whether it is picturesque landscapes, sumptuous cuisines or an entirely new cultural experience. During fall, temperatures are pleasantly warm, the sun is brilliant, and the crowds are much less than in July and August. Italy barge cruise offers an ultimate Mediterranean experience.

Other parts of Europe such as Prague, the capital of Czech Republic situated near Germany and Austria are also attractive destinations which can be comfortably cruised during fall.

Many people agree that September is one of the best months for cruising Europe. The weather’s gorgeous and you’ll have an easier time getting into main attractions.

Tourist information offices normally stay open year-round, but have shorter hours in the winter. Opening times are less predictable, so call ahead to double-check hours and confirm your plans!

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A Burgundy Barge Cruise On The River Rhone and Hospices du Beaune history

A Burgundy barge cruise along the River Rhone

ID-1007958The Hospices du beaune, nestled among the gently rolling hills of Burgundy, is one of the most popular travel destinations in all of France. As one travels south down the Rhone River on the Burgundy barge cruise towards the Mediterranean sea, the cheerful roofs of the Hospices will beckon for a closer look.

The History of the Hospices of Beaune

The Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune, also known as the Hospices, is one of the iconic buildings of Burgundy that you can see while vacationing the Burgundy barge cruise. It was built as an “almshouse,” or a home for the poor and needy. It was founded by Nicholas Rolin, a man who lived at the time of Joan of Arc. burgundy was not then part of France, but a rival kingdom, though Rolin was one of those who would help broker the peace that ended the Hundred Years War and paved the way for the eventual union of burgundy and France. Rolin and his formidable wife, Guigone de Salins, founded the Hospices as a charitable institution in 1443.

Burgundy is a rich province and always has been. The history of the province goes back thousands of years, to the legendary Merovingians. The Hospice was built with the same sumptuous quality and attention to detail that one sees all throughout Burgundy. The famous roof of the Hospices, with its distinctive checkerboard of golden tiles, is visible from kilometers away. At the time the hospice was one of the finest hospitals anywhere in the world, and the poor could be sure of good treatment there. The hospital maintained its tradition up to the present day, with an exceptionally interesting role in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, and continues to serve the poor and indigent today. However, the patients are now served in a modern hospital. The original Hospices is now a museum, visited by thousands of people every year. It is also home to a world famous charity wine auction every November. The auction is held in the spectacular “Grande Salle des Pôvres,” or the Great Hall of the Poor.

A Burgundy barge cruise on the River Rhone

The Hospices is especially delightful to visit by the Rhone River. A Burgundy barge cruise can leave from Dijon or Provence and travel down the pleasant river for a wonderful excursion to the city. We welcome your inquiry into these spectacular barge cruises.