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Experience Beauty- The Belgium City of Antwerp On The Belgium River Cruise

The Belgium River CruiseAntwerp is a charming and relaxed city that’s very much medieval at heart. It is the second city of Belgium and is more captivating than the capital Brussels. Antwerp takes pride in being the birthplace of Rubens and being a place where 70% of world’s diamond trade takes place. Antwerp is filled with exemplary architecture, fine cuisine, thousands of bars, enthralling river cruises, wonderful museums and its red-light district. The city is compact but has a lot to offer and everyone will find something exciting in this relatively small city.

Antwerp is a wonderful walking city. Opt for a walking tour various sights as the major sightseeing attractions are easily accessible from one major street that changes its name as you move along: Italielei, Frankrijklei, Britselei, and Amerikalei. Some of the major sites that can be experienced on a walking tour include: Antwerp Castle, known as Het Steen ( “The Stone”). At the time of The Stone’s rise in the 13th century most buildings were still made of wood. The Grote Market is a masterpiece of 16th century architecture. It is beautifully surrounded by the Town Hall and the so-called houses of the Guilds or corporations richly decorated with golden statues, like in Brussels’ Groote Markt. Brabo Fountain stands in the middle of the Grote Market. The Rubens House, former home and studio of Peter Paul Rubens, the famous 17th century Flemish Baroque painter is a an amazing place. Antwerp Cathedral, which houses two of Rubens’s masterpieces, the ‘Descent from the Cross’ and the ‘Elevation of the Cross’ is yet another wonderful place you can see on your walking tour of Antwerp. The superb architecture and sights of the city are something you do NOT want to miss!

You Do Not Want To Miss The Belgium River Cruise

With so many attractions, Antwerp is a superb place where you can find everything from history to beauty to architecture to art and culture. Our Belgium River Cruises and Barge Cruises in Belgium offer walking tours of Antwerp where you get an excellent opportunity to see its attractions, marvel at its architecture and imbibe the Antwerp culture. Call us to book your holiday on one of our Belgium River or Barge Cruises and visit the wonderful city of Antwerp!