Explore the Wonderful Sanssouci Palace

Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

A brief hop over from the beautiful Elbe River is one of the most breathtaking historical culture sites in all of Germany. The elegant city of Potsdam is home to the Sanssouci Palace and the grounds of Frederick the Great. This German palace was the summer playground of the Prussian royalty, and has recently been renovated to some of its former glory. Sanssouci is one story tall and is designed in the Frederician Rococo style, so named after Frederick the Great. It is definitely worth taking a short bus ride from your Elbe river cruise to see the palaces, grounds and the nearby town.

894444_sanssouci2Why Sanssouci¬†Palace is “care free”?

Unlike nearby Berlin, Potsdam was spared much of the bombing during World War II, so continues to display the charm and opulence that it has always had. The entire city is worth exploring, and they make sure that their crowning jewel of Sanssouci along with the surrounding grounds and other palace stay immaculate and ready for visitors year round. Every season is beautiful at these culture sites, and you can spend an entire day perusing this German palace and park. It is certain to be a day that you will never forget. Along with the Neue Palais and all the surrounding temples, statues, and unbelievable gardens, you will leave Sanssouci with a complete understanding of why Frederick the Great named this place “care free.” He designed Sanssouci to be a great escape from court life in Berlin, and you too might find it to be an excellent short retreat away from your Elbe River Cruise.

Berlin vs Sanssouci

If you have the time, you should definitely take the short train ride from Potsdam to the amazing capital city of Berlin. In stark contrast to the quiet of Sanssouci, Berlin is a bustling city full of vibrant life in every corner. You can continue with the royal theme by visiting Charlottenburg Palace and wandering around the beautiful gardens there sure to be full of picnickers  if the weather allows. You can travel to the city center and go up in the Television Tower to view the city in its entirety. Take a stroll around the city that has been at the center of so much history, and you are sure to be amazed.

Cruising the Elbe River

By the end of your Berlin and Sanssouci excursions, you will be ready to float away on your Elbe River Cruise once more. Contact us today to learn more about cruising the Elbe River.