Lorelei Passage on the Rhine River

Lorelei Germany is the Place to Visit

lorelei germanySituated on the eastern bank of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen, Germany, Lorelei refers to a mighty slate rock that soars around 120 meters above the waterline. The rock is the most prominent feature of the Rhine Gorge that is a 65 km section of the river between Koblenz and Bingen which lists on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Lorelei rock is 433 feet high and the Rhine River at this famous point is up to 82 feet deep and only 371 feet wide. So,
Lorelei passage defines the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea.

Lorelei rock is very famous and has a lot of history and folklore associated with it. According to a popular legend, Lorelei was the name of a young maiden who jumped to her death from the rock due to an unfaithful lover. Then, she became a siren who bewitched the hearts of the sailors with her hypnotizing voice and when they looked up to the rock, their boats crashed and they were engulfed in the deep waters. The legend says that Lorelei’s voice can be heard even today. The legend of Lorelei has inspired several works of art, music and literature apart from popular folklore. Among the dozens of poems and songs it has inspired is Heinrich Heine’s “Die Lorelei”.

Since the Middle Ages, Lorelei passage has always been very difficult to navigate as it is extremely narrow. Even in the 19th century, it was an ordeal for ships to pass this point due to reefs and rapids.

Several river cruise ships sail the Rhine River. So you can get aboard one and enjoy watching Lorelei and many castles on the way. The vineyards along the way offer some beautiful views.

Rhine River Cruise

Our Rhine River cruise will be a perfect choice for you to enjoy the beauty of the Rhine Valley which is full of medieval German castles, historic towns and vineyards and of course the very famous Lorelei rock.

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