Iron Gates and River Danube

Iron Gates or the “Gorge” on the River Danube

danube riverIron Gates refers to a gorge on the River Danube. This wonderful landmark is nestled between Romania in the north and Serbia in the south and marks the location where the Danube divides the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains.

Iron Gates contributes to the part of the boundary between Romania and Serbia. In a comprehensive way, it covers a route of 134 km; while in a restricted way, it covers just the last barrier on the same route, just beyond the Romanian city of Orsova. Orsova is well-known for having two hydroelectric dams, with two power stations, Iron Gate I Hydroelectric Power Station and Iron Gate II Hydroelectric Power Station.

Derdap National Park

The Iron Gates gorge, towards its Romanian side, constitutes the Iron Gates natural park, whereas towards its Serbian part, it constitutes the Đerdap national park. In Serbia, the gorge is popular by the name Đerdap (Ђердап), with the last part named Đerdapska klisura.

Originally, the Iron Gates comprised of four narrow gorges and three wide basins expanded over several miles of the river dividing Romania and Serbia. In order to control the speed of the river and make sailing though this part of the Danube River safer, a huge lock and dam was built in the 1960s. Presently, the river flowing through the Iron Gates is peaceful, and it is 130 feet higher than earlier to the dam and power station.

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