A Highlight of a Provence River Cruise – The Palais des Papes in Avignon

 Provence River Cruise

Provence river cruiseThere is a great chance that booking a Provence River Cruise guarantees the guest a visit to Palais des Papes also known as the Papal Palace. This historical palace is located in Avignon. Southern France is quite known for its medieval buildings and Palais des Papes fits the description as one of the more important medieval gothic buildings in Europe.

Provence River Cruise and Palais des Papes

Built in two different phases with different segments, the phases of Palais des Papes is given two different names. The old palace is named Palais Vieux and the new palace is named Palais Nuef. Once both stages were completed the palace stretched 2.6 acres. At that time the expensive building held papacy’s riches.

Pierre Poison did the construction of the old palace as instructed by Pope Benedict. The New Palace was constructed by Architect Jean de Louvres who was hired by Pope Clement VI. Pope Innocent VI and Pope Urban V added on two more towers to complete the main courtyard.

The buildings featured incredible decor – the frescos, paintings, tapestries, sculptures, and wooden ceilings were amazing and rich. Once the popes left Avignon in 1377 they returned to Rome. Clement VII and Benedict XIII secured Palais des Papes as their own. Once the latter was imprisoned in the Palais the antipapal had their hands on the building. In 1433 Authority of the Palais des Papes was returned to the legates.

When the French Revolution started in 1789 the buildings were in terrible condition and were also seized by revolutionary forces. Two years later it was known as the scene of a massacre. The building had memories of bodies of counter-revolutionaries that were thrown into the Tour des Latrines in the Palais Vieux.
Because the military has much to do with the latest damage of Napoleonic French state the building has been under constant restoration. In 1906 the building was vacated and became nationally known as a museum. Visit this site that is full of historical conflicts as it is now open to the public. Inside the Palace Museum are lots of historical artifacts and rotating special exhibits.

Go Shopping
Vacations are usually not complete without a little souvenir to pack away and memories of some great food to brag to friends and family about. Around the Palace is a pedestrian square with many outdoor cafes and a few shops – a great place to take a break before going back to your ship.

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