Comparing Luxury Barge Cruises with Casual Bike and Barge Cruises

Below is a brief description of the difference between a Full Service barge and a Casual Bike and barge cruise.

Many of the casual bike and barge cruises are 7 nights instead of the 6 nights on a regular full service barge.  Prices range from $1640 to $3278 per person.  Cruises are in Holland/Belgium, Germany, France and Italy.  These barges range from  6, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 34 passengers.

These cruises are typically for serious cyclist as the biking ranges from  20KM – 65KM per day.  Bikes on these barges are typically heavy duty bikes designed for cycling in the  area.  Many bike and barge cruises have electric bikes available at a cost of between $100 – $150 for a week.

Included in the price: 6 or 7 night cruise, guide for the cycling tours  (except the Johanna which offers area maps,  a GPS and pre paid cell phone), breakfast buffet including makings for your packed lunch, dinner (3 courses) on boat, water with meals, clean towels and  bed linen delivered half way through the cruise and bike rental (with helmets).

Not included:  entrance fees for museums and the like, drinks on board, Listed meals ashore and personal insurances and transfers to and from the barge.

Click here for a slideshow on a casual bike and barge cruise.

Luxury barges range in price from low $3000’s to over $7000 per person.  We have several barges in the mid to high $4,000’s.

These rates include: 6 night cruise, daily maid service, bicycles on board for cycling, gourmet meals, wine and cheese of the region with lunch and dinner, open bar with alcoholic beverages and all the sightseeing.  Some barges will have a small swimming pool or spa/Jacuzzi.

The prices are based on the features of the barges and wines provided. On the lower priced barges, you will be looking at cabins around 90 – 100 sq. ft., compact bathrooms – usually with a shower curtain and small shower stall. The wines will be regional wines. The more expensive barges will have larger cabins – 170 – 230 sq. ft. with larger bathrooms, big shower stalls with a glass door. Some of the wines will be premier and grand cru.

Barges also range from  4 (Bordeaux only), 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 passengers.

Many of the barges offer themed cruises – Gardens, wine, cycling, art, family and golf.  Some of the regular barges, in addition to having the bikes on board for guests to cycle any time, also offer for charter, special biking itineraries.  On these barges, the bikes are not the heavy duty cycling bikes but more for the casual cyclist.  Only for a special cycling charter will you have the professional bikes.

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