Cruise Along the Seine River and Visit France Harbor Town of Honfleur

river cruise1Seine River Cruise France’s Harbor Town of Honfleur

The town of Honfleur surrounds a beautiful little 17th-century harbor, set in a sheltered cove off the Seine’s tidal estuary, in Calvados, Lower Normandy. Honfleur is still active as a fishing port and marina. The town has a great historic and cultural value, as it has preserved many historic and traditional buildings and takes pride in housing some interesting museums, churches and monuments.

Do Not Miss Out On The Medieval Seaside Town of Honfleur

The medieval seaside town of Honfleur has a tremendous appeal – with its narrow half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets. Unlike many other villages in Normandy, Honfleur was spared during the bombing of World War II as there was no manufacturing. For centuries, the old harbor has attracted many people with different interests. Here, you’ll find fishermen, artists, tourists and locals alike enjoying the same scenery that attracted celebrated painters like Delacroix, Sisley, Corot and Monet. Honfleur is as enchanting as the Impressionist paintings it often inspired.

Honfleur offers much to delight you. The tidy, picturesque streets of the town house many art galleries, artists’ studios, boutiques, restaurants and fine souvenir shops. You also can find some remarkable historical buildings, such as the largest wooden church in France, salt warehouses dating back to the 17th century, and the Lieutenance, the last existing part of a 16th century castle that fortified the town.

In fact, Honfleur today is both a river port and a seaport, providing modern facilities deep enough to accommodate big cruise ships. But there is an important fact to know that, while the boats now moored along the quays of the Vieux Bassin are mostly leisure craft along with the odd fishing boat, in bygone years, Honfleur’s military fleet was the pride of France.

Experience the Seine River Cruise

In spite of it’s prestigious past dating back 1,000 years, Honfleur has that special something which, even today, keeps it fresh, appealing and exciting. Honfleur is still a very popular tourist destination. Cruisers from the Seine River cruises frequently come to view her old world charm, picturesque port basin filled with sailing ships, and the winding alleys with half timbered houses. Contact us for more information. 888-869-7907