Enjoy an All-Inclusive 9 Day Elbe River Cruise From $3000 Per Person

Europeanbarging Presents a special promotion on the Elbe River of Germany for October 2019

Spring, TX, July 20, 2019— Europeanbarging, a Texas based cruise company offering barge and river cruises in Europe, today announced a special promotion of 3 departures of their 9 day Elbe River cruise.

Elbe River in Dresden

The Elbe River cruise itinerary, is offered on the 80 passenger Croisi Europe Elbe Princess I and II river cruise ships. The available 2019 dates are:  October 12th and 20th between Prague and Berlin and October 20th from Berlin to Prague.   The 9 day cruise itinerary features 2 nights in Berlin seeing the sites, then 4 nights cruising to Prague (or visa versa) on the Elbe and spending 2 nights visiting the sites of Prague.  Cruise ports include Magdeburg, Lutherstadt,  Wittenberg, Meissen, Dresden, Bad Schandan and Litomerice.

“For the October 2019 departures listed above, we are offering excursions to the already inclusive drinks package and Wi-Fi, making these cruises all inclusive except  for tipping. ”                                                        Jan Baumgartner, Europeanbarging

The Elbe Princess I and II are 80-90 passenger paddleboats.  With her flat bottom and low draft,  as well as small passenger count, she will be able to cruise the Elbe River for a longer season than the other ships that cruise the Elbe River.  The paddle wheels are located at the back of the ship and the upper deck features twin bedded cabins with French Doors plus 1 accessible cabin and the main deck features cabins with a window.

With the included excursions being offered, guests will get the opportunity to experience  tours of Berlin; Potsdam and the gardens of Sanssouci Palace; Magdeburg and it’s twin spire Cathedral; Wittenberg and Martin Luther’ sites; Meissen – known worldwide for it’s porcelain;  Dresden – historic architecture rebuilt after the war; The scenic Elbe Sandstone Mountains; the scenic royal town of Litomerice; Prague’s old town and Prague’s Castle District.

This is a bi-lingual ship that is both English and French and features an international cruise host on-board.  Rates start at $2700 – $3300 per person and include the cruise, all meals including a beverage package of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as free Wi-Fi.   For the 3 departures listed, excursions will be included as well (a $600 value).

About Europeanbarging

Europeanbarging was founded in 1998 and specializes in European barge and river cruise products. Located in Texas, Europeanbarging is an ARC accredited company.   For more information, visit http://www.europeanbarging.com.

The Historical Elbe River Cruise Will Give You A Life Changing Experience

Elbe River Cruise Visit The Historical Elbe River Cruise

One of the major waterways of Central Europe, the Elbe River rises in the Krkonose Mountains of the north-western Czech Republic. It is located in the former Eastern Europe region of Germany after crossing Bohemia and finally flows into the North Sea at Cuxhaven which is 110 km northwest of Hamburg.

The Elbe River acts as a gateway to Eastern Europe. There is an exciting mix of medieval cities and towns from the Bohemian capital Prague, to Hamburg and through the sensational hovering sandstone mountains of Saxon Switzerland as you cruise along the Elbe to indulge in a breathtaking scenic journey.

Aboard your Elbe River Cruise, you can find many treasures on the banks of Elbe such as Dresden, the “Florence of the Elbe”, the pottery of Meissen, the gardens and palaces of Worlitz, the cradle of the Reformation, 18th century Pillnitz Castle, Luther’s Wittenberg which is a UNECSO World Heritage Site and Magdeberg and its Gothic Cathedral.

The embarking and disembarking cities range from Prague, Decin, Hamburg or Magdeburg – all have much to offer as pre or post cruise stays. Elbe is a great way to explore Prague and ideal for discovering the unspoiled beauty of former East Germany’s fascinating landscape.

What Has More To Offer Than The Historical Elbe River Cruise

Elbe has so much to offer in addition to the contrasting array of sights, ranging from splendid palaces and modern architecture to mountains and beautifully landscaped gardens, with medieval cities and contemporary culture all in between! No other river in Europe can come close to Elbe in offering such a diverse order of sights and places.

As the Elbe River often has low and high water levels, the cruising period is short. Contact us for more details on this lovely scenic cruise!