Flower-Carpet- At Brussel’s Grand Place

Flower- CarpetBrussel’s Grand Place and its Flower-Carpet

The Grand-Place known as Grote Market in Dutch is the central square of the City of Brussels. This is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe with its architecture dating back to different eras. The Grand Place is famous throughout the world for its decorative and aesthetic treasures. It is surrounded by the guild houses, the City Hall and the Maison du Roi. The Grand-Place of Brussels was registered on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO in 1998 due to its diverse and wide-ranging architecture and style.

Originally, Grand Place was built as a merchants market in the 13th century where traders and residents sold and bought food. That is why all the streets around the square have been named after foods. Over time, the market shelters have been replaced by grand buildings. The Grand Place serves as the city center where you can best enjoy the Belgian hospitality.

Experience the Beautiful Brussel’s Grand Place

The Grand Place holds several events and concerts throughout the year, but the Flower- carpet is the most celebrated and mesmerizing event among them. The event is organized every two years in the month of August. Thousands of visitors throng to the city of Brussels to have a glimpse of the stunning Flower- carpet, consisting of a million begonias laid out across Grand place.

The origin of Flower -carpet dates back to 1971. That is when the first Flower-Carpet of Brussels was created by landscape architect E. Stautemans. He was inspired by other Flower Carpets created in various Flemish cities. What makes the Brussels Flower-carpet special, is its placement on Grand Place.

Enjoy the Incredible Flower-Carpet While on A Belgium Cruise

The astonishing Flower-carpet takes two years for preparation and is realized in several stages. The Flower-carpet is installed just for one weekend when Grand Place becomes suddenly packed with visitors from all over the world.

The Grand Place and its famed Flower-carpet are something you cannot afford to miss. Get aboard one of our Belgium cruises. Visit the beautiful city of Brussels. Get lost in the architectural marvels of the Grand Place as well as the breathtaking beauty of its Flower-carpet!