The Charming Village of Le Baux de Provence- Rhone River Cruise

Rhone River CruiseThis Rhone River Cruise Brings Passengers To The Village of Le Baux De Provence

Le Baux de Provence is an exceptionally picturesque village, more famous as a tourist site than being an active village. And with the surrounding Alpilles, it is extremely beautiful.

When you arrive at the village, you are astonished by the out-and-out scale, not only of the surrounding countryside but of the village itself. Les Baux de Provence was, and still is, more like a strong, fearsome stronghold than a pretty little village. In 1998, it was added to the elite official category of “The Most Beautiful Villages of France”.

Les Baux de Provence indeed remains a village officially as the population in the inner walled city is only 400. The number shrinks to just 22 in the winter months. Nevertheless, the dimensions of the buildings – the Château and its massive keep, the opulent Saint Vincent’s Church and grandiose Renaissance private mansions – are a testimony to Les Baux’ former wealth and power.

The village had an exceptional royal history. Though between the 17th and 19th centuries, it was almost a discarded and deserted place. It was only after the discovery of the mineral bauxite (the name is derived from “Les Baux”) in the neighboring hills that life came back to the village. The tourists started visiting the place and have more recently transformed it. Today, the number of visitors exceeds 1.5 million each year.

The tourists usually flock to the village during the day with the crowd thing rapidly after around 5 p.m. or so, depending on the season. So, it will be great to turn up rather late and enjoy the splendid castle in relative peace. The cultural heritage of Les Baux is exceptionally rich, with 22 architectural treasures classified as “Historic Monuments”, including the church, chateau, town hall, hospital, chapels, houses, doorways and such, without counting items of furniture and a collection of paintings.

You can visit the village only by foot and will admire the ancient houses that have been carefully restored, beautiful Renaissance facades and several magnificent “hotels particulars”, which presently serve as art galleries or museums. There is a winding steep road up to the town and the street of the town are steep as well.

While moving around the village, you will discover many craft shops selling Provençal products and souvenirs. Food lovers will be particularly happy to discover that several restaurants at Les Baux boast international reputations. Indeed, such quality dining is so hard to resist!

The Rhone River Excursion Is One To Remember

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