The Danube Music Festival August 16 – 23, 2013

The Danube Music Festival is an annual, open-air, free music festival happening on Vienna, Austria’s Donauinsel Islands. This is an awesome affair where there is a plenty of entertainment, enjoyment, knowledge, food and craft. The festival offers a variety of music ranging from pop to rock and jazz and hip hop and there are many local bands playing alongside world-famous international acts. The famous groups such as The Backstreet Boys and Simple Minds have been amongst past headline acts here.

A Variety Of Both Music And Food Awaits At The Danube Music Festival

The food offered at the Danube Music Festival is as varied as the music. The food kiosks are scattered all around the festival site and they offer Austrian, Greek, Italian, Indian, Thai and Turkish foods. The ubiquitous burger bars are always there but vegetarians are also always taken care of and are well catered to. There are also a number of useful Information kiosks in addition to stalls selling souvenirs and craft objects.

The Donauinsel Islands were actually man-made between 1972 and 1988 with the foremost purpose of improving Vienna’s anti-flooding measures. The whole area, however, has transformed into a recreational wonderland. Throughout the year, the Donauinsel is a green haven for the people of Vienna, with its bars, restaurants, and skating tracks and there is even a water ski lift.

There is an amazing beach revered by the locals named CopaKagrana. Kagrana is actually the name of the district of Vienna in which it is to be found. For nature lovers, there is a section where nude sunbathing is permissible. However, at the end of the third week in June each year, it is covered by the festival, which becomes just one huge, three-day, party.

Given the crowds of people flocking to Vienna for the Danube Music Festival, it is imperative for visitors to reserve accommodations well in advance, as hotels around the city get booked up quickly. If you’re interested in camping near the festival site, please note that only official camping is permitted and there are three camp-sites at Vienna West, South and Neue Donau.

It is easy to travel to the Danube Music Festival on the underground system; just head for the Donauinsel station. The full information about events is usually available on the official Danube River Festival website beginning around the middle of May. Book your holiday on our Danube River Cruise and be a part of the amazing Danube Music Festival!