Wine Cruise- Southern France City of Toulouse

Wine CruiseCity of Toulouse in the South of France- Wine Cruise

The city of Toulouse is located at the heart of the Midi Pyrenees region in southwestern France. It lies on the banks of the River Garonne. With its beautiful historic center, Toulouse is one of the most lively and metropolitan provincial cities in France.

Toulouse is France’s fourth largest city and has a very vibrant and spirited atmosphere with a strong student presence. It’s a wonderful experience to stroll around the historic center, walk alongside the Garonne and the Canal du Midi, and visit one of the many pavement cafés for a delicious cup of coffee!

As you move around the city of Toulouse, you notice the 2,000 years of history evident in architecture of brick and tiles very typical of the cities, villages and farms of this region. The reflections of the sun on the brick of Toulouse have deserving earned it the name of the ‘Ville Rose’, imparting an atmosphere to the city that is both gentle and warm at the same time.

Toulouse has long been an aviation center. St. Exupéry and Mermoz flew out from here on their pioneering airmail flights in the 1920s. The city is now home to Aerospastale, the national Space Center, the European shuttle program, the leading aeronautical schools, and a frontier-pushing electronics industry. All this is possible in Toulouse due to its 110,000 students, who make it second only to Paris as a university center. All inhabitants of the city love to go to the old Ville Rose for their entertainment – pink not only in its brickwork, but also in its politics.
Toulouse also is renowned as a great place for shopping. You can find all reputed and well known brands in fashion, design, leather goods, and jewelry here in first rate shops.

An Extraordinary Wine Cruise

The Midi-Pyrenees has a great reputation for being one of the southwest’s most important food and cultural regions, and Toulouse takes pride in its several open-air and covered markets, where you can find local products from the region. There also are some wonderful buys, such as delicious wines and cheeses, charcuterie, foie gras, and the famous speciality dish of the region, Cassoulet, which is made with white beans, duck or goose confit, meat and sausages.
Toulouse has many different faces ranging from its numerous churches, its museums and galleries to the Space Center. Once you visit and move around the city, you will discover the charms of the Ville Rose! You can visit Toulouse from the barge St. Louis! We offer Bordeaux barge cruises and wine cruise for visiting Toulouse! Europeanbarging 888-869-7907