Bastogne War Museum Opening in 2014

The Bastogne War Museum is Expected to Open in the Spring of 2014.

You can travel by river cruise to visit this new innovative museum located next to the Bastogne Historical Center, one of the current WWII museums, and see other Belgium culture sites while you are there in the vicinity. Bastogne, a modern town in the Belgian Ardennes, is still primarily dedicated to the battles that were fought in the region and to preserving them in the local WWII museums.

743535_battle_of_the_bulgeThe new Bastogne War Museum will be a brand new modern building with unusual and bold architecture. There will be multi-sensory history scenes in 3D, three scenovisions, interactive activities, a cafe, a museum shop, a terrace and an area for temporary exhibitions and events. Visitors are able to go back in time and understand what the Battle of the Bulge and other skirmishes were all about. There will be a reconstruction of a German and an allied headquarters and also show what life was like for the soldiers and civilians.

The Bastogne War Museum Exhibits Battle of the Bulge

These sites mostly include those involved in the famous Battle of the Bulge, a German offensive which took place from December 1944 to January 1945 and where many thousands of civilians and soldiers died during that bloody time, as well as the Second World War in general. You can visit these important historical sites during your river cruise.

The current Bastogne Historical Center and adjoining American Memorial

At the Center you will find an amazing collection of items and exhibits from the Battle of the Bulge along with authentic uniforms and artifacts, an American M10 Tank Destroyer based on the M4 Sherman tank chassis, a tank gun turret and other vehicles. There is a film with shots taken during the battles between the Germans and Americans at the Bastogne War Museum. From the top of the Mardasson Memorial you get a good view of the battlegrounds. In the form of the five-pointed American star, the Memorial honors the 76,890 American soldiers who were killed, missing or wounded in the Battle of the Bulge.

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