Short River Cruises in Europe

For business travelers, or travelers in general going to Europe that have a few extra days, these 3 – 5 day river cruises are a great way to experience a river cruise and see some great sites. With the cruise, the rate includes the cruise, all meals and a beverage package with most drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol).

River cruise itineraries involve voyages through countries such as Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and more without the typical inconveniences of unpacking and packing. Their ‘Floating Hotels’ cruise by gorgeous villages, cities, vineyards, and castles.

Arosa River Cruises

On the Rhine, various itineraries depart from Basel, Mainz, and Amsterdam.

On the Danube, the voyages depart from Germany (near Munich), in Passau, and cruise to the Hungarian and Austrian capitals of Budapest and Vienna.

In Italy, they provide round trip cruises out of Venice and visit intriguing cities such as Parma, Ferrara, and Verona.

France offers many short river cruise itineraries: roundtrip Bordeaux in southwest France, roundtrip Nantes in the Loire Valley, round trip and one way itineraries between Paris and Honfleur on the Seine River and round-trip on the Rhone from Lyon, France to the Beaujolais and Burgundy wine regions and Mediterranean-style cities of Arles and Avignon and one-way in between Avignon and Lyon.

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