Cruising on the Moselle – 713-240-6753 / 888-869-7907  The Moselle Valley has a splendid countryside. The cool and delicious wines, the picturesque little towns with rich histories, and the excellent conditions for cycling are a few of the high points of this area. Here you can enjoy your vacation whether you want it to be simply onboard a barge or a combination of bike and barge.


Cochem on the Mosel River

Your cruise takes you on a tour of this wonderful region where you come across several interesting places. Metz is designated a ‘town of art and history’ because of its rich historical and cultural background. Contact European Barging and River Cruises to book your amazing cruise on the Moselle today!

For years the Mosel River was vital for commerce and transport, with many settlements, such as the town of Cochem, springing up on its banks.  Along with Reichsburg Castle.

Castles such as Burg Eltz near Koblenz were built for both protection and as a sign of wealth and power.

During the Industrial Revolution, The Mosel region underwent significant changes when became more connected with rail and roads.  During WW2  the region suffered from heavy bombing.

Post-war reconstruction and modernization have brought prosperity. Today, the Mosel River region is known for its wine production, beautiful landscapes, and rich historical heritage.


Porta Negra Gates in Trier Germany on the Mosel River

In Roman times Trier had thermal baths, places of assembly, and an amphitheater today the colossal Porta Negra town gate, the imperial baths, and the impressive basilica keep that history alive. Trier is also the largest Roman city north of the Alps.

Cruises on the Moselle River, include:


8 passenger L’Nouvelle Etoile


A-ROSA offers 5-night and 7-night cruises
Croisi River Cruise offers 4-night cruises



Contact European Barging and River Cruises to book your amazing cruise on the Moselle today!  713-240-6753


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Barging and History on the Canal du Midi in France

 The Canal du Midi in France is three hundred years old. It skirts the sunny, shining shores of the Mediterranean before meandering inland through ancient villages, Roman fortifications and famed vineyards. The Canal du Midi is famous for its beauty as it is lined with beautifully planted plane trees and crossed by pretty arched bridges. Adding to the charm of this canal is the Mediterranean weather and pace of life that is so relaxed; magical enough to let you open up and see your life from a totally new perspective as you cruise along.

Canal du Midi is the ideal place whether you want to simply relax on the deck with a cool drink, enjoy the scenery passing by, or cycle or walk along the scenic tow paths. As you look into the distance, you can see the Pyrenees where nearby are the vineyards that stretch for thousands of square miles. You can enjoy private wine tastings at chateaux en route, locations that vary with your choice of barge.

History of the Canal du Midi

 Built under the reign of Louis XIV, the Canal du Midi has great historic importance and remarkable beauty in the south ofFrance. It connects theGaronneRiver to theMediterranean. To do so, the canal is 240 km in length and runs from the city ofToulouse down to the Mediterraneanport ofSète. The actual purpose for building Canal du Midi was to be a shortcut between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, avoiding the long sea voyage around hostileSpain,Barbary pirates, and a trip that in the 17th century required a full month of sailing.

The Canal du Midi was opened officially as the Canal Royal de Languedoc on May 24, 1681. It was designed and built under the supervision of Pierre-Paul Riquet, a rich tax-farmer who bankrupted himself in the personal undertaking and died destitute in 1680, just months before the canal was opened to navigation. Riquet was not alone in the undertaking. In fact, 12,000 workers toiled for fifteen years to create this great canal.

The Canal du Midi is built of 328 structures consisting of locks, aqueducts, tunnels, bridges, etc. and constitutes a major example of hydraulic engineering of the modern age.

As you cruise along the Canal du Midi, you will discover an amazing blend of ancient Gallo-Roman and traditional influences reflected throughout this region of historical importance. The Cité of Carcassonne in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France is a great attraction. The walled city ofCarcassonne is a region you would love to explore as this is the most complete medieval fortified city in existence today.

Canal du Midi meanders through a vast region of diversity ranging from rugged, rural Languedoc regions to the sun-drenched, azure blues of the Mediterranean. Within this vast region, you will find a land of poetry and of proud people devoted to the soil and of course the wine … a passion they will share with you in private tastings of the local Minervois and Corbières wines.

Cruising along the Canal du Midi, the village of Minerve is yet another region you must visit. It offers a magnificent view with its unspoiled natural setting, its bridge and its houses perched on a rocky mountain. The village of Minerve is known for its Palaeontology and Archaeology museum. Besides, Minerve is a favorite place for walkers with its natural bridges and real tunnels dug into the cliff.

Several barges cruise on Canal du Midi and you can choose one according to the regions you want to explore. Canal du Midi, Paul Riquet’s masterpiece of engineering, is and will always remain a great place to visit and explore. No wonder, it has been recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO.


Provence Barge Cruise on Le Phenicien – Europeanbarging

Cruising Provence France on the 18 passenger Le Phenicien while visiting such historic sites as arena in Arles, Pope’s Palace in Avignon and enjoying visits to charming villages wine tastings at vineyards in the area.