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Explore Český Krumlov and it’s Castle

Český Krumlov and its castle

Floating down the river on a luxurious AMA Waterways ship, you hear about the possibility of a Linz excursion to Český Krumlov. “Český Krumlov?” you think to yourself. “What a funny little name. Should I take an excursion there?” The answer is a resounding yes. Český Krumlov’s castle sits in a bend of the Vltava River like a pearl still on the half-shell. Take a trip to this beautiful castle and discover the beauty of this UNESCO Site.

 Historic Český Krumlov

Castle medievalOnce the seat of the House of Rosenberg, Český Krumlov’s roots stretch back to the 13th century. South Bohemian rulers, the Rosenbergs became enchanted by the Italian Renaissance style while building up their castle residence. Of all the castles in the Czech Republic, Český Krumlov’s is the second-largest. Its medieval core, uniquely preserved in its bend of the Vltava River, earns a place as a UNESCO Site.

Harmonious Renaissance Castle

Featuring Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, Český Krumlov is a woven tapestry of harmonious styles. Gaze at the sumptuous Renaissance castle. Get delightfully lost in the maze of medieval streets. Stroll in colorfully-designed gardens. Lift a pint in a pub or ale-house where knights of the Middle Ages once quenched their thirst. Tour the remarkably preserved Baroque theater with stage equipment dating back almost three centuries – and marvel that it still works. An excursion to this sight awards you the opportunity to view a tiny town with big history all stitched together in harmony with the beautiful countryside.

Danube River Cruise Experience

DanubeRiver cruises offer guests the relaxing experience of meandering down a scenic waterway. Look over the railing at green vineyards rolling across the countryside, castles perched atop hills and cities rich in history and culture. AMA Waterways ships feature luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spas. The ships dock in the heart of historic cities such as Linz, affording guests the opportunity to step right into the heart of towns rich in culture.

Český Krumlov Castle is one of many Linz excursions. Contact us to book an Danube River cruise and accept a Linz excursion. This is experience is not to be missed.

Pre Douro River Cruise City of Madrid

Pre Duoro River CruisePre Douro River Cruise Is A City of Madrid

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, but is also the largest city in the country. It’s also the capital of the autonomous community of the same name (Comunidad de Madrid) and is located on the Manzanares River in the center of both the country and the Community of Madrid. Madrid is a globally important city with a great reputation for having the most modern infrastructures and is an economic, financial, administrative, and service center of the country. Madrid provides a multitude of opportunities for sightseeing and boasts of some world-class restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

Madrid is renowned throughout the world for its great cultural and artistic heritage and has many Spain Culture Sites. The culture of this city is deeply influenced by its Royal history as the center of the Spanish Empire. Madrid has several landmark sites dating back to the times of Spanish Monarchy such as the Royal Palace, enormous cathedrals, and churches. The city boasts a rare level of medieval architecture and has a unique blend of historical and modern blends, comparable to what’s seen in London and Berlin.

Attractions in Madrid include Prado Museum Royal, Palace Plaza Mayor Sun Gate, Parque del Retiro, Torres KIO (Puerta de Europa) Cibeles, Plaza Santiago, Bernabeu Stadium and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Galería 57.

Explore A Spectacular Pre Douro River Cruise

Madrid also takes pride in being one of the top European art destinations, including the Golden Triangle of Art, located along the Paseo del Prado.
The Thyssen Bornemisza Museum is another great museum which was established from a mixed private collection of artwork. Reina Sofía Museum is a one of a kind display where Pablo Picasso’s Guernica hangs, returning to Spain from New York after more than two decades.

An abode of history, art, and culture, Madrid is a must visit location. Our Pre Douro River cruise offers an optional 3 night land program in Madrid! Book your holiday on one of our Douro River cruises and make a trip to the amazing city of Madrid!

Biking and Canoeing in Budapest

Budapest is undoubtedly a wonderful destination which attracts a number of tourists. What is more exciting about visiting Budapest is a tour of the areas around it. If you book your holiday with our Danube River Cruise, we will take you on an adventurous biking and canoeing trip around Budapest. Szentendre is the most charming town around Budapest and our Danube River Cruise will make arrangements for your bike and boat tour of this lovely place.

Szentendre is the town of arts. This is a beautiful medieval town situated next to the Danube River and is marked by curvy streets, cute small houses and churches.

Biking Through Budapest

The tour starts with a scenic ride on a bike path along the river, departing from the center of Budapest. On the way, there are several wonderful places to enthrall you such as the popular Roman coast and Aquinqum, which used to be a Roman settlement. You will also stop next to some refreshing lakes, where you will get a chance to swim.

On reaching Szentendre, you will bike around enjoying the mesmerizing atmosphere of this countryside town. There are several attractive stops where you can take a break for a while. You can watch the beauty of these picturesque places and take some amazing photographs.

For lunch, you will get a chance to feast on a Hungarian speciality: Lángos with a nice cold beer. Our way back to Budapest is by boat.

We are concerned about your safety and organize our tours carefully so that you can enjoy your holiday in a calm and relaxed way. Your Budapest bike tour is a safe ride as it is along the bike paths and car-free areas.

We schedule our tours in small groups so you will find yourself in the company of fellow people who are friendly and interactive. The local, expert guides accompany you to give you directions and descriptions of places you come across during the journey.

So book your holiday on our Danube River Cruise and embark on an adventurous and unforgettable journey!