European Barge Cruise

For travelers that have seen the major tourist sites and now want to experience more of Europe, and still have the comfort of every aspect of the trip taken care of, then a European barge cruise may be for them.  For travelers that are not interested in a typical cruise, this is a totally different experience.  The atmosphere is very relaxed, no formal nights, you are out during the day exploring, so they will never run out of activities.   The similarities are unpack only once, all meals and beverages included, as well as the excursions.  There are special cruises/dates for golfers, garden lovers, wine enthusiasts, and many more.

European Barge Cruise in Burgundy France

A European barge cruise is  unique way of exploring the beauty of Europe, while unpacking only once.  Drifting through the beautiful landscape, enjoying all the creature comforts of regional food and wine, and service superb in every way, while experiencing the chateaux, cathedral, tours, vineyards, and sleepy villages left behind by time.  History, art, architecture, culture, gastronomy, music, gardens, it is all there to be experienced by tours, whether by foot, motor coach or bicycle, with a Luxury Barge Cruise or Casual Bike Barge Cruise.

Barge cruise prices range from the mid $3000 – to over $7000 per person. Some of  the features of the barges that distinguish the prices between barges are the cabin and lounge space, level of food and wines provided as well as barge amenities. On the lower priced barges, you will be looking at cabins around 90 – 100 sq ft, compact bathrooms – usually with a shower curtain and small shower stall. The wines will be good regional wines. The more expensive barges will have bigger cabins – 170 – 250 sq ft with big bathrooms, big shower stalls with a glass door. Other barge feature might include: computers or internet access on board, tvs / dvds in the cabins, hot tubs or fitness rooms. On some of the ultra deluxe barges, there are wines served for the serious wine enthusiasts – featuring  premier and grand cru.

The cruise rates include gourmet meals, wine and cheese of the region with lunch and dinner, open bar with alcoholic beverages and all the sightseeing.  For a different experience, some barges offer a night out at a typical French restaurant for a meal.  No matter what level of barge cruise is selected, you will always find a great crew that will go out of their way to provide top level service and go the extra effort to make sure your cruise is truly memorable.  The crew on board will have knowledge of the areas and love to impart known and little known facts to interested passengers.  The food will always be top quality and prepared with a emphasis on pairing wonderful food with special wines of the regions.

The barge cruising areas within France are:  Alsace Lorraine, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Canal du Midi, Chablis, Champagne, Loire Valley and Provence.  Outside of France, the cruising areas are, England on the Thames River, Ireland on the Shannon River, Italy on the Po River and Scotland on the Caledonian Canal.

There is a large selection of european barge cruises in france such as: Grand Victoria, Anne Marie, Apres Tout, Clare de Lune, Colibri. Enchante, Jeanine, Johanna, Luciole,  La Nouvelle Etoile, le Phenicien, Madeleine,  Magna Carta, Meanderer, Nymphea, Panache, Raymond,  Roi Soleil, Rosa, Savoir Faire, Saroche,  Saint Louis, Shannon Princess II, Cest la Vie, Wine and Water, La Belle Epoque, L’Art de Vivre, Hirondell, L’Impressionniste, Anjodi, Scottish Highlander, Spirit of Scotland, La Bella Vita, Panache and Renaissance.

We also have CASUAL BIKE AND BARGE cruise itineraries in Holland and Belgium, on the Mosel in Germany, Burgundy and Provence in France and Venice and the Po River in Italy. Cruise and bike in a very casual atmosphere with international guests.

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The Romantic City of Verona

Prosper in Italy in Verona

veronaVerona is one of the most prosperous cities in Northern Italy. Though the city is best known for its romantic ties to Romeo and Juliet, the town has the largest collection of Roman remains and artifacts in northern Italy

Walking Around the Romantic City

The town has many Roman ruins as well as medieval buildings. In additional to the association with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there are many other attractions to seek: the Castelvecchio, Skaliger Palace, Piazza della Erbe and the Arena, a Roman amphitheater from the 1st century AD. The 2000 years old arena offers summer a summer of Opera’s hosting over 20,000 viewers.

In addition to the Arena, the Piazza Bra also includes the Palazzo Municipale (town hall), a Baroque exhibition hall and many cafes and boutiques; From the piazza, there is a pedestrian zone – Via Mazzini that leads to more cafes, boutiques antique shops and art galleries. You can find many of Verona’s citizens strolling along the Piazza and pedestrian area.

Romeo and Juliet in Verona

In “Letters to Juliet”, we saw the legendary house in Verona with Juliet’s balcony, located on Via Cappello, formally a 13-century tavern. Additionally, the town of Verona has designated a house for Romeo on the Via Arche Scaligeri and Juliet’s tomb in the Romanesque church of San Francesco al Corso, near the Piazza Bra.

Italy Po River Cruises

Verona is a port stop on many Italy Po River Cruises. Excursions will feature a walking tour of Verona or sometimes excursions of Verona are offered from other ports – such as Polesella and Venice.

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The Charming Towns on a Italian Cruise

Po RiverCharming Towns on an Italian Cruise

The romantic city of Venice serves as the beginning and ending point for many Italian cruise – be it a luxury barge cruise, a river cruise or a casual bike and barge cruise. Your Italian cruise will take you on an exciting journey through some of the Po River in the heart of Northern Italy, as well as the Venice Lagoon and its islands.

Your Italian cruise will provide you a great opportunity to stop at some wonderful ports and visit the amazing cities, such as Padua, Bologna, Verona and Mantua.

Padua is located centrally in the Veneto region. It is famous for being the place where Galileo and Dante studied. There are many beautiful churches, such as Saint Anthony’s Cathedral, St. George’s Oratory, Scrovegni’s Chapel, and so on.

The city boasts of the first Botanic Garden in the World, operated by the University of Padova and listed as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Site since 1997. Padua has some wonderful museums, such as the Belzoni Museo-Laboratorio di Antichi Strumenti Scientifici and I Musei Civici degli Eremitani.

The picturesque city of Bologna is the seventh most populated city in Italy, located in the heart of a metropolitan area. It is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. Bologna has thousands of students who enrich the social and cultural life of the city. The city is renowned for its towers and lengthy porticoes and has a well-preserved historical center. It is also a cultural and artistic center with a balanced mix of monuments and architectural examples, such as medieval towers, antique buildings, churches, the layout of its historical center, as well as works of art shaped by a first class architectural and artistic history.

The romantic city of Verona is one of the major tourist destinations in northern Italy. The city has been awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO, because of its urban structure and architecture. The city is famous for its artistic heritage, several annual fairs, shows and operas, such as the lyrical season in the Arena, the ancient amphitheatre built by the Romans.

The beautiful city of Mantua is surrounded on three sides by artificial lakes, created during the 12th century. It takes pride in being one of the main artistic, cultural and particularly musical hubs of northern Italy. Mantua is renowned for its significant role in the history of opera. The city has an amazing array of architectural treasures and artifacts, elegant palaces, and medieval and Renaissance cityscape. The city is the proud home for one of the largest castles in Europe – Palazzo Ducale, the setting for the opera Rigoletto.

Charming City and Italian Cruise

All of the above mentioned Italian cities are so marvelous you must visit them. We can assist with an Italian cruise, as well as pre and post travel arrangements around Italy. Call us for more information! Europeanbarging 888-869-7907

Casual Bike and Barge Cruise to the Italian City of Ferrara off the Po River

lotg_mooredCruise and Casually Bike along the Po River

A casual Bike and Barge cruise is offered along the Po River that includes excursions to the historically and culturally significant city of Ferrara. Located in Northern Italy in Emilia-Romagna, Ferrara is the capital city of the province of Ferrara, and it lies along a branch of the main Po River named the Po di Volano. The cultural attractions of the city have been recognized by UNESCO, and numerous palaces that date from the 14th and 15th centuries– a time during which the city was the home of the court of the House of Este. In recognition of the city’s historical significance, the Italian Hermitage Museum began using the location for its headquarters in 2006. A barge cruise on the Po River is a perfect way to explore this fascinating city.

Enjoy Italian Culture Cruising the Po River

The cultural resources featured around the city mainly consist of a variety of architectural landmarks. The city wall itself, which was constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries, still stands and is in fact one of the best preserved Renaissance walls in all of Italy.

One of the most important structures to visit in the city is the Castello Estense. This building is found in the absolute center of town, and its construction began in the late 14th century. The Castello Estense is a brick building that is surrounded by a moat and four impressive bastions.

Another must-see building is the City Hall. The City Hall was at one point a residence of the Este family, and it is found near another important architectural landmark, the former Cathedral of St. George. This cathedral is an interesting combination of several different architectural styles– Romanesque, Baroque, and Renaissance– that were incorporated as additions were made to the cathedral over the years.

Italian culture is reflected in the many palazzi that are found in and around the city. Some possible places to visit when wishing to view a typical Italian Renaissance palazzo are the Palazzo dei Diamanti, the Palazzo Schifanoia, and the Casa Romei.

Barge Cruise on the Po River 

There is no better way to take in all of these sites and enjoy the landscape of the areas surrounding the Po River than by barge. Contact us today to book a casual bike and barge cruise in Italy.


Pre Douro River Cruise City of Madrid

Pre Duoro River CruisePre Douro River Cruise Is A City of Madrid

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, but is also the largest city in the country. It’s also the capital of the autonomous community of the same name (Comunidad de Madrid) and is located on the Manzanares River in the center of both the country and the Community of Madrid. Madrid is a globally important city with a great reputation for having the most modern infrastructures and is an economic, financial, administrative, and service center of the country. Madrid provides a multitude of opportunities for sightseeing and boasts of some world-class restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

Madrid is renowned throughout the world for its great cultural and artistic heritage and has many Spain Culture Sites. The culture of this city is deeply influenced by its Royal history as the center of the Spanish Empire. Madrid has several landmark sites dating back to the times of Spanish Monarchy such as the Royal Palace, enormous cathedrals, and churches. The city boasts a rare level of medieval architecture and has a unique blend of historical and modern blends, comparable to what’s seen in London and Berlin.

Attractions in Madrid include Prado Museum Royal, Palace Plaza Mayor Sun Gate, Parque del Retiro, Torres KIO (Puerta de Europa) Cibeles, Plaza Santiago, Bernabeu Stadium and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Galería 57.

Explore A Spectacular Pre Douro River Cruise

Madrid also takes pride in being one of the top European art destinations, including the Golden Triangle of Art, located along the Paseo del Prado.
The Thyssen Bornemisza Museum is another great museum which was established from a mixed private collection of artwork. Reina Sofía Museum is a one of a kind display where Pablo Picasso’s Guernica hangs, returning to Spain from New York after more than two decades.

An abode of history, art, and culture, Madrid is a must visit location. Our Pre Douro River cruise offers an optional 3 night land program in Madrid! Book your holiday on one of our Douro River cruises and make a trip to the amazing city of Madrid!