European Barge Cruise

For travelers that have seen the major tourist sites and now want to experience more of Europe, and still have the comfort of every aspect of the trip taken care of, then a European barge cruise may be for them.  For travelers that are not interested in a typical cruise, this is a totally different experience.  The atmosphere is very relaxed, no formal nights, you are out during the day exploring, so they will never run out of activities.   The similarities are unpack only once, all meals and beverages included, as well as the excursions.  There are special cruises/dates for golfers, garden lovers, wine enthusiasts, and many more.

European Barge Cruise in Burgundy France

A European barge cruise is  unique way of exploring the beauty of Europe, while unpacking only once.  Drifting through the beautiful landscape, enjoying all the creature comforts of regional food and wine, and service superb in every way, while experiencing the chateaux, cathedral, tours, vineyards, and sleepy villages left behind by time.  History, art, architecture, culture, gastronomy, music, gardens, it is all there to be experienced by tours, whether by foot, motor coach or bicycle, with a Luxury Barge Cruise or Casual Bike Barge Cruise.

Barge cruise prices range from the mid $3000 – to over $7000 per person. Some of  the features of the barges that distinguish the prices between barges are the cabin and lounge space, level of food and wines provided as well as barge amenities. On the lower priced barges, you will be looking at cabins around 90 – 100 sq ft, compact bathrooms – usually with a shower curtain and small shower stall. The wines will be good regional wines. The more expensive barges will have bigger cabins – 170 – 250 sq ft with big bathrooms, big shower stalls with a glass door. Other barge feature might include: computers or internet access on board, tvs / dvds in the cabins, hot tubs or fitness rooms. On some of the ultra deluxe barges, there are wines served for the serious wine enthusiasts – featuring  premier and grand cru.

The cruise rates include gourmet meals, wine and cheese of the region with lunch and dinner, open bar with alcoholic beverages and all the sightseeing.  For a different experience, some barges offer a night out at a typical French restaurant for a meal.  No matter what level of barge cruise is selected, you will always find a great crew that will go out of their way to provide top level service and go the extra effort to make sure your cruise is truly memorable.  The crew on board will have knowledge of the areas and love to impart known and little known facts to interested passengers.  The food will always be top quality and prepared with a emphasis on pairing wonderful food with special wines of the regions.

The barge cruising areas within France are:  Alsace Lorraine, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Canal du Midi, Chablis, Champagne, Loire Valley and Provence.  Outside of France, the cruising areas are, England on the Thames River, Ireland on the Shannon River, Italy on the Po River and Scotland on the Caledonian Canal.

There is a large selection of european barge cruises in france such as: Grand Victoria, Anne Marie, Apres Tout, Clare de Lune, Colibri. Enchante, Jeanine, Johanna, Luciole,  La Nouvelle Etoile, le Phenicien, Madeleine,  Magna Carta, Meanderer, Nymphea, Panache, Raymond,  Roi Soleil, Rosa, Savoir Faire, Saroche,  Saint Louis, Shannon Princess II, Cest la Vie, Wine and Water, La Belle Epoque, L’Art de Vivre, Hirondell, L’Impressionniste, Anjodi, Scottish Highlander, Spirit of Scotland, La Bella Vita, Panache and Renaissance.

We also have CASUAL BIKE AND BARGE cruise itineraries in Holland and Belgium, on the Mosel in Germany, Burgundy and Provence in France and Venice and the Po River in Italy. Cruise and bike in a very casual atmosphere with international guests.

Europeanbarging has been selling European Barge Cruise and European River Cruises since 1998.  Contact us so we can help find the perfect barge for you.  888.869.7907

October is National Cruise Month

October is back! And it’s raining offers at AMA Waterways. To coincide with the National Cruise Month October, AMA Waterways has come up with some exciting offers. So celebrate your vacation with AMA waterways by taking advantage of the latest offers.

AMA Waterways offers $500 off per person on many 2013 Europe River Cruises. We have cruises on Rhine, Danube, Rhone, Mosel, Seine and Douro. You can avail our River Cruise sale on following cruises:

  • Tulip Time Cruise
  • Blue Danube Discovery
  • Christmas Time Cruise
  • Enticing Douro
  • Port Wine and Flamenco
  • Europe’s Rivers and Castles
  • Magnificent Christmas Time
  • Magnificent Europe
  • Provence and Spain
  • The Enchanting Rhine
  • The Legendary Danube
  • The Romantic Danube
  • Ultimate River Cruise
  • Vineyards of the Rhine and Mosel

Our River Cruise Specials are:

  1. Rhine River Cruise-The itinerary for Rhine River Cruise is mentioned under the name The Enchanting Rhine. The name of the ship is AmaCello and it is scheduled to sail on 11/15/2013 and 11/22/2013. The sale price per person is $ 1,899.00.


  1. Danube River Cruise- The itinerary for Danube River Cruise is mentioned under the name Blue Danube Discovery, The Legendary Danube and The Romantic Danube.


Blue Danube Discovery

Name of the ship- AmaDolce

The ship is scheduled to depart on following dates. Rates are also mentioned along with the dates

-On 7/18/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00 per person
-On 8/22/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00 per person
-On 10/24/2013 rates starting at $ 2,099.00 per person
-On 8/22/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00 per person
-On 10/24/2013 rates starting at $ 2,099.00 per person

Name of the ship-AmaLyra

The time of departure and rates are mentioned below

-On 8/6/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00
-On 8/20/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00

Name of the ship-AmPrima

-On 11/20/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

Name of the ship- AmaBella

-On 11/23/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

The Legendary Danube

Name of the ship-AmaLyra

-On 8/27/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00

Name of the ship-AmaCerto

-On 11/4/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

The Romantic Danube

Name of the ship-AmaDolce

-On 3/28/2013 rates starting at $ 1,699.00
-On 4/4 2013 rates starting at $ 1, 799.00
-On 4/11/2013 rates starting at $ 1,999.00
-On 4/25/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00
-On 7/4/2013 rates starting at $ 2,299.00

Name of the ship-AmaBella

On 4/20/2013 rates starting at $ 2,199.0
-On 11/9/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00
-On 11/16/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

Name of the ship-AmPrima

-On 10/30/2013 rates starting at $ 2,099.00
-On 11/13/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00

Name of the ship-AmaCerto

-On 11/11/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00
-On 11/18/2013 rates starting at $ 1,899.00
-On 12/23/2013 rates starting at $ 1,999.00

The sooner you book your vacation with AMA Waterways, the best offers you can avail!