Explore the Flemish City of Ghent

The Flemish City of Ghent

The beautiful landscape and culture of Belgium can be best seen by a bike and barge or river cruise vessel. While cruising through Belgium, visitors will have some great experiences learning about the history, art, culture, gastronomy and beauty of the country. Europeanbarging offers a couple of itineraries that feature Ghent as a stop from a cruise vessel. The Arosa ship offers 7 night Holland Belgium cruises through the summer and fall months; Amawaterways offers a 7 night Holland Tulip cruise between March and May,  and there are 24 passenger casual bike and barge vessels that offer cruises throughout the year, which will take travelers through the wonderlands of Belgium for an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Experience The Flemish City of Ghent’s Well Known Art Museum for Knowledge Ghentand Culture

The flemish city of Ghent features in the “Art Cities” itinerary of Johanna. Ghent is predominantly a city of art and culture. Ghent takes pride in being home for 8 museums out of which three are most prominent such as S.M.A.K. (housing contemporary art), the Design Museum and the Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textiles. Also, there are 2 art halls, 7 art centers, 5 theatres and 5 concert halls, 1 music hall, 1 opera and 22 film screens. Additionally there are dozens of subsidized and recognized organizations located either in one of the above or elsewhere in the city.  Check out our video on Ghent.

The central motto of Ghent is “city of knowledge and culture accessible for everyone.” Ghent has a university and 3 university colleges where over 60.000 students of higher education study, making Ghent the education capital of Flanders.

Explore Famous Art in the Flemish City of Ghent

Ghent is world famous for its art and culture and art lovers cherish it fondly. The impressive medieval Castle of the Counts gives visitors a peek into the splendid past of the castle.  The unique masterpieces of the Flemish Primitives will make visitors spellbound as visitors stand staring at them.

Ghent is a famous flemish city, which people know for its Burgundian nature. There are 426 restaurants and eating-houses and 346 cafés and pubs. So the city of Ghent is a nice place to spend time and have a drink with your friends!

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