Viviers: Enjoying Medieval France in the Modern Day

Nestled on the right bank of the Rhone River in the South of France, Viviers is a lovely city that is known for its fascinating historical landmarks, stunning lavender fields, and friendly folk that will always greet you with a smile. Because of all these, it is well worth a visit.

It is not very difficult to reach this city. It is a stop in many European River Cruises, especially on a Rhone River Cruise offered by the Arosa Stella. When you catch glimpse of narrow cobblestone streets, a labyrinth of stone houses, and a few looming structures, you’ll know that you’ve arrived.

Sights to See in Viviers

Much like Lyon, old cathedrals that date back to the medieval period are plentiful in Viviers. In fact, they are one of the main reasons why many love to visit the place. These aged structures showcase the impressive architecture of the medieval French and, more importantly, continues to tell the story about their struggles and triumphs in the past from the dark ages to the Renaissance.

Some of the most remarkable cathedrals include the grand Saint-Vincent Cathedral, Saint-Michael Tower, Saint-Ostian Chapel, and the ruins of the Saint-Martin Tower. It is with no argument that these cathedrals are stunning from the outside, but they are just as beautiful inside. Enter and you will definitely admire the elaborately carved grottos and sophisticated interiors.

The House of Knights, Hotel de Lestrade mansion, and the Place de Chateauvieux are a few other estates you should not miss.

A guided tour – on foot – is best when in Viviers. It allows you to experience the city at its finest and learn about its unique history, which mainly involves wealthy bishops and their lavish lifestyles.

Now, imagine walking through narrow tree-lined streets while taking in scenic views and enjoying fresh lavender scented air from expansive fields that surround the old city. What a refreshing way to spend a day.

The Arosa Stella includes a stop at Viviers on their 5 night and 7 night cruises. For more information contact 888-869-7907