Majestic Jewel of the Mosel River Valley

COCHEM’S Reichsburg Castle- Majestic Jewel of the Mosel River Valley 

There is perhaps no better way to tour the historically rich, scenic towns of Rhineland Germany than by river cruise. The cruises usually feature relatively small cruising vessels that have limited passenger capacity but are large on amenities, style, and service. ID-100163279Quaint villages and conspicuous German castles are thoroughly enjoyed by the 360 degree views provided on the sun decks of most river cruise ships and barges. A favorite tour among discerning travelers is the Mosel River cruise which meanders past beautiful Cochem Germany. These unique trips often climax with memorable shore excursions to popular attractions like those found on the Mosel bike and barge cruise.

Mosel River Cruise

The Mosel river or “Moselle” river as the French call it is a peaceful tributary of the Rhine River that flows from France to Germany. The area surrounding the Mosel River in Germany is known as the Mosel River Valley, and the towns located there are reminiscent of storybook tales of the medieval era. For those who find romantic villages complete with cobblestone streets surrounded by lush vineyards and Germany castles appealing, then a Mosel River cruise is an ideal choice for a holiday trip.

Cruising down the Mosel River gives holiday travelers the opportunity to see many of the oldest towns in the heart of Europe in grand style. Depending on the chosen itinerary, passengers get to view the cities of Koblenz, Cochem, and Bernkastel just to name a few.

The cities visited are not the only appeal of this type of holiday choice; the cruises themselves are absolutely exquisite. Many cruises are taken on luxury river or barge vessels that feature five-star dining and stellar service. The all-inclusive travel packages ensure that passengers completely relax while travelling from the time they board until disembarking at the end of the journey.

cochem germany

A popular river cruise itinerary includes a trip to the town of Cochem. The Mosel Bike and Barge cruise allows passengers to conduct a shore excursion that gives them the best of both worlds when it comes to scenic views. After leaving the river cruise barge, active passengers bike to Cochem to explore the popular town.

The town of Cochem holds a very interesting past as an imperial estate complete with a castle and fortifications that was eventually lost in its entirety to the French during the 1600’s. French troops razed the original Reichsburg Castle to the ground, and the castle was only rebuilt in its current neo-Gothic style architecture in 1868 by a wealthy Berlin business person who used the renovated castle as a summer home for his family. Since 1978, tourists have been able to take tours of the Reichsburg Castle. For more information about booking a cruise to the romantic Reichsburg Castle, contact us.

Wurtzburg’s Bishop’s Residenze

Known as the heart of Europe, Germany has plenty of fantastic tourist attractions and unique sights to offer. Visitors from all over the world travel to Germany to see architectural treasures and fascinating places of natural beauty. So, it will be quite exciting to begin your trip with a relaxing and scenic Danube River cruise or Main River cruise to visit some wonderful destinations.

Wurtzburg Residenze-the former residence of prince bishops of Wurzburg-is one of the several attractions in Germany and stands as a wonderful example of architecture and beauty.

Wurtzburg Residenze is one of the most important baroque palaces in Europe and has been a UNESCO world cultural heritage site since 1981. The uniqueness and unity of style makes it one of the finest south German baroque palaces. No wonder, it is also known as “palace of palaces.”  It was originally designed for Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn by the then young and unknown architect Balthasar Neumann and was completed in sixty years. The shell of the palace was built from 1720 to 1744 and the interior finished in 1780.

The staircase of Wurtzburg Residenze is world-famous as it is roofed by an unsupported vault featuring one of the largest ceiling frescos in the world, painted in 1752/53 by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, and is an allegory of the four continents of the earth known at the time.

Wurtzburg Residenze has a magnificent sequence of rooms that starts in the vestibule and the Garden Hall, continues to the staircase and the White Hall, and through to the Imperial Hall, which also features frescos by Tiepolo.

A great attraction inside the Wurtzburg Residenze is the completely restored mirrored hall, which was reopened in 1987. There are around 40 palace rooms to visit with a rich array of furniture, tapestries, paintings and other 18th century treasures. Court Chapel is one of the finest examples of religious art in Würzburg and you can enter it separately from the southern front yard. The State Gallery contains Venetian art from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Wurtzburg Court Garden is extremely beautiful and gives you a wonderful time to enjoy art and nature. It was designed at the end of the 18th century by the landscape gardener Johann Prokop Mayer, featuring sculptures by Johann Peter Wagner.

The place is so unique;  you shouldn’t miss visiting it. So, get aboard a Germany river cruise and get lost in the wonders of this marvelous architectural creation!