Cruise the Wachau Valley on a Danube River Cruise

Wachau Valley Cruise Along the Danube

Enjoy a lovely experience as you board a Danube River Cruise. The Wachau Valley of Austria is one of the most beautiful sections of the Danube River. This wonderfully scenic valley lies between the Benedictine Abbey of Melk and the lovely town of Krems. There are many charming towns, terraced vineyards, castles, and monasteries along the narrow Wachau Valley.

Due to its mild climate, the area of Wachau Valley grows the grapes and apricots used to produce white wines and apricot schnapps as well as apricot cakes and desserts, which are served in nearby restaurants. The paths along the Danube are great for biking and walking through the splendid scenery and exploring the old robber baron castles, and the legends and customs of the area.

Cities To Visit In The Wachau Valley

You will be mesmerized in the town of Melk with the sleepy and elegant atmosphere under its huge abbey. The restored Melk Abbey shining proudly over the Danube Valley is one of Europe’s most attractive sights.

Krems is renowned for being the center of the Wachau wine industry as well as one of the most beautiful towns in lower Austria. This old town is also a shopper’s wonderland. As you walk around the town, you will encounter one fantastic church after another – Piaristenkirche features an extensive collection of paintings by Martin Johann Schmidt (Kremser Schmidt); Pfarrkirche St. Viet features large ceiling frescoes and All Souls Alter by Kremser Schmidt.  In the former Dominican church, you will find a museum of history and wine of the area including sculptures, paintings and etchings from the medieval to baroque periods.

Visit Durnstein by Foot in the Wachau Valley

Durnstein is yet another beautiful town in the Wachau Valley that will delight you with its traffic-free quaintness.  You can explore this attractive town only on foot.  Though it is a small town, Durnstein has lots of interesting history – the most famous being the Kuenringerburg, where Richard I of England was held captive in the 12th century. You can reach the ruined castle above the town by a 20 minute hike with great river views. The Stiftskirche (Monastic Church) has one of the finest baroque towers in Austria, covered in light blue and white.

Visits to these beautiful towns of the Wachau Valley are featured on almost all Danube River Cruises. We also offer short river cruises to these wonderful destinations. Call today to book your holiday with us!

AMA Danube River Wine Cruise

The Danube River

The Danube River is renowned for being one of the most romantic waterways in the world. This remarkable reputation for the Danube comes from its spectacular rolling hillsides, lush vineyards, and medieval castles. No wonder the Danube has been a great attraction for musicians, artists and poets throughout the centuries. The Danube’s waterways expand for thousands of miles through Central Europe and flow eastward through Austria’s spectacular Wachau Valley, a wine region famous for its natural beauty and captivating white wines.

A Wine Cruise along The Danube River

So, give yourself a treat by getting aboard a deluxe river cruise vessel where you can enjoy the comforts of the cruise while traveling through the Danube wine regions. The “Great Capitals & Vintages of the Danube” itinerary will be a perfect choice for you. Your Danube River cruise will introduce you to many wonders both outside and inside it. Your journey begins with spending three nights in magnificent Prague and from there you transfer to Vilshofen to start your wine cruise along the Danube River. Your river cruise takes you from Vilshofen to Passau and then on to Linz, where an optional excursion to Salzburg is available.

Next, you follow the Danube River through the Wachau Valley, Austria’s most important wine region. Your cruise takes you back in time as you reach Melk, where you will visit a 900 year-old Benedictine abbey. You can visit Spitz-Grotisch vineyard here too. Your journey continues to Dürnstein, where terraced vineyards frame the historic Baroque Stiftskirche. Then cruise to the medieval town of Krems, where you will once again feel like you’ve gone back in time. The town is also known for its thriving wine culture.

While on the Danube River Cruise you will also experience an unforgettable evening at a traditional Heuriger wine tavern in the villages of Grinzing and Neurstift, a casual and enjoyable area. Here you can appreciate local and regional wines of the current year, listen to music, and relax with friends. Your wine cruise is concluded in the spectacular city of Budapest.

You’ll enjoy all the amenities included in your cruise. Your wine cruise is hosted by a renowned wine or food expert who will present three or four insightful wine-themed lectures that may also address other local specialties.

For the Danube River cruise, we have 2013 departures scheduled on April 13th; November 6th, 9th, 11th, 13th 16th and 18th.  Prices start from $2,399 per person. These cruises are great for small wine groups or organizations.  These cruises book up quickly so please contact us to book your cruise today!